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Smartphones are getting better in every aspect in every new dawn. What about the batteries? Most of the latest smartphones pack more than 4000 mAH capacity in their batteries, but still., the constantly running background processes drain up the batteries really quick which is something annoying and unavoidable. The more the usage, the more the battery drains. Here is where the best power banks for mobiles come for a rescue!
With high capacity power bank like EasyAcc Monster 26000mAh Power Bank on your side, you can take photos, watch videos, play games, go on camping and do anything you want while keeping all of your USB powered devices alive all day.

While buying a power bank beside to capacity, you should consider the things like how fast the power bank would charge itself and how fast it would recharge your device, conversion rate, whether it supports pass through charging, smart charging, whether it’s portable and of course the price. So before spending your hard earned money on this inevitable device, go through our power bank buying guide and decide which features make up your ideal power bank.

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Since the main purpose of buying a power bank is to keep your electronic device(s) alive for a longer time, investing in the low capacity power bank is not advisable. Nowadays due to the increased competition and the increased power requirements, many companies started to offer high capacity power banks at the best possible prices. So, if you happen to stay out and can’t let your smartphone die even for few hours, better go with the high capacity power banks. Don’t be too tight on your budget.

How To Choose Your Ideal Power Bank?

Rank Power Bank Name Capacity (mAH) Ports Warranty Best Price  (Rs)
1 ARB AA6 15,600 Dual Output, 5V/2.5A, 5V/2.1A 1 Year 899
2 KMASHI 15,000 Dual Output, 5v/2A, 5V/1A 1 Year 1,499
3 TP-LINK TL-PB10400 10,400 Dual Output, 5v/2A, 5V/1A 1 Year 1,173
4 TUKZER STYLLO-L 10,000 Dual Output, 5v/2A, 5V/1A No 1,205
5 PNY BE-740 10,400 Single Output, 5V/2.1A 1 Year 1,384
6 ROMOSS Solo 6 16,000 Dual Output, 5V/2.1A, 5V/1A 1 Year 1,299
7 AMBRANE P-1310 13,000 Dual Output, 5V/2.1A, 5V/1A 1 Year 949
8 ASUS Zen 10,050 Single Output, 5V/2.4A 6 months 1,845
9 ADATA PT100 10,000 Dual Output, 5v/2A, 5V/1A 1 Year 810
10 ONEPLUS 10,000 Single Output, 5V/2A 1 Year 1,129

Capacity Matters

The capacity is the one main factor you can’t comprise with while buying a power bank. As we explained earlier, never buy a low capacity power bank as its merely waste of money. Calculate your power need and get a power with the capacity that is 2 to 4 times higher than your single time requirement.

Due to the charge conversions (AC Too DC and Vice Versa) and heat generation, no power bank in the market can offer the specified capacity.

So in reality, you can expect 70% efficiency from any power bank. For example, if the advertised capacity is 10000mAh, the actual efficiency will be around 7000 mAh. Decide your battery requirement and purchase a power bank that provides 30% more of your original requirement.

Even the best power banks in the market offer only 90% conversion efficiency.

Sample Usage

If your battery capacity is 3000 mAH, getting 12000 mAH power bank will provide close to 3 full charges to your smartphone battery.


When you think of power banks, you should give equal importance to the portability like its capacity. Since we strive to list the best power banks that strike the perfect balance between design, storage and price, some on our list are so light and can be hidden into your pocket. On other hand, there are some, the presence of which will still be felt even when put it in a sling bag. If you need to carry this device around every day, get a lightweight device rather than choosing the bulky one.

Charging and Recharging

Input Charging

The speed at which power banks charge itself is paramount important. You can see it specified in the measure of Amps. The higher the number, the more quickly it charges. For example, 1A input can charge the device at 5W. So if you want a quick charging opt for 2A input which will charge the device at 10W. You may or may not get USB charger along with your power bank packaging. You can use the charger provided with your phone or tablet. But remember if your power bank’s input charge is 2A(10w) and your USB cable operates at 1A(5w), your power bank will not charge any faster than 1A supporting device.
To get the most out of your device, always use a USB charger that is compatible with your power bank.

Output Charging

Output charging is the term that specifies how quickly the power bank can charge the other devices like smartphones or tablets. This measure is also measured with Amp Units. You can find the power banks that offer “1A(5W), 2A(10W) or even 2.5A(12.5W)” in the markets. Mostly the 1A output is used for Smartphones, 2A and 2.5A output is used for charging the tablets and some smartphones that support fast charging feature. Geek Titan 10400 mAH power bank offers 3.1 A (16W) output port for charging other devices so far this device is known as the fastest charging power bank in the market.

Multiple Output Ports

Most of the power banks today also support more than one output ports to support multi-charging. If you prefer multi-charging then you should pay attention to its maximum aggregated output capacity.

Example: If the power bank supports three 2A (10W) output ports but delivers only 2.2A (22W) Total output, all 4 devices will get charge at the slower speed only (Probably at the speed 1.1A (6W).

Status LED Lights

While buying a power bank look for the one with LCD or LED display that can able to give you the accurate percentage of battery remaining in your power bank. So you can stay alert all the time.

Power IQ / Smart Charging

Not all devices we use have the same sort of power requirements. To optimize the power delivery for different devices, best power bank brand manufacturers incorporate a feature known as Power IQ with their power bank. This feature allows the power bank to automatically recognize and optimize the power delivery to the connected device in its charging port.

Passthrough Charging / Sync Charging

Some power also supports the feature called passthrough charging which means you can charge your devices through power bank while the power bank itself is on a charge.Though passthrough charging/sync charging is an incredibly useful feature for managing the emergency situations, making the power bank to charge and discharge at the same time repeatedly it will drastically reduce the life of a power bank.

Auto On and Off

Some of the best power banks in India also supports auto on and off functionality. Auto on means, once you connect the device into the charging port, it will start to charge the device immediately.(You don’t need to hit any button). Likewise, the auto shut-off feature will stop charging your device when the job is done or the device is disconnected from the port. This feature saves the power bank from unnecessarily discharges. This particular feature is also known as overcharge protection.


Nowadays every best power banks for smartphones offer this common feature. It’s, of course, a useful feature that could save you during the camping but unless otherwise, the device is reasonably portable, it will seem like a bizarre device to use it as a torch.

Solar Charging

Some power banks in the market are built with integrated solar charging panels using which you can charge your devices with sunlight and with 5V DC current through standard USB Ports.

Other Safety Features

Over Charge Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Temperature Control, Shock Protection, Dust Proof, Water Proof and other safety features are also offered with some best power banks.
By keeping all these essential features in mind, we came up with the list of top 10 best power banks in India. Check it out. If you have personal experience with any of the products listed here, you would definitely have your opinion to share with us. Please speak your mind by giving your comments in the comment section.

Top 10 Best Power Banks In India

1 ARB AA6 15600mAH Power Bank

best power bank for mobilesamazon.in ₹ 899

Available Colors: Black, White

First of all, this best power bank is made in India, not China made. So to speak, you can make a happy purchase without worrying about its quality and sales after service. ARB uses Samsung’s Li-Ion cell for its battery which offers a stable and long lasting battery backup. It’s compatible with wide range of smartphones, tablets, Mp3 and Mp4 devices. The best part is, every type of devices is detected automatically to provide the optimized power delivery. It is achieved through the integration of smart charging technology. What more is, ARB power bank offers multiple protections like over charge, shock protection and heat protection and it offers high charge efficiency for self-charging and recharging. It also eases your emergency by allowing the passthrough or sync charging. It means you can charge your power bank with power outlet and recharge your other devices using the output port all at the same time.
ARB offers one more power bank with capacity 10400 mAH. Both AA6 and AA4power banks have the same features and qualities except the capacity. Choose any one of them based on your power requirement.

ARB AA6 offers everything one can expect from any best power bank and it offers the best value for money


  • In US market, this power bank is listed under the most wished items with more than 5000 positive ratings. It’s a good indicator of high customer satisfaction
  • Waterproof, dustproof and includes multiple other safety features
  • Supports 4 LED status lights
  • Dual Output ports
  • Quick Self-Charging and Recharging
  • Sleek and Stylish Design
  • Quick responding power buttons
  • Allows simultaneous charging through its dual output ports
  • Offers a Promised efficiency
  • Reliable customer support


  • Not even a single flaw to point out (Tell us, If you find any)

2 KMASHI K-MP836 15000mAh Power Bank

best power bank for mobiles in india snapdeal ₹ 1,499

Available Color: White

If you are looking to get a portable charger that gets tick in all the right boxes look no further than KMASHI K-MP836  14000 mAH power bank. In amazon.com, this product is being the best selling power bank right from the day one of its launch. Not to mention, its sleek design, high-end features and the reliable sales after services have all helped this manufacturer attain such a massive success. If you want to purchase a power bank that has 100% customer satisfaction, I suggest you to go with this one.

This power station packs 14000 mAH capacity and our hands on review has ensured its efficiency to be around 80%. (It delivers what’s been advertised). Its 2A input port allows it to get fully charged in 7 hours with the 2A micro USB cable. However, If you charge it through 1A (5W) USB cable, it will take double the time for self-charging. Its 2 output ports 5V/1A and 5V/2A supports simultaneous charging of versatile devices (iPad,iPhone, Android, iOS tablets and all other smartphones) at a high speed.

It comes with 4 LED status lights using which you can easily calculate the approximate remaining battery capacity. Here is a short note on the LED status lights
4 LED – 61 to 100%
3 LED – 32 to 60%
2 LED – 19 to 31 %
1 LED – 4 to 18%
Blinking – below 3%

There is a reason why I stated its reading as approximate. You can’t fully rely on these indicators. Sometimes it shows the inaccurate readings. However, it’s a common problem you will usually face with most of the power banks in the market except PNY Dual-Port 2.4 Amp 7800mAh and PNY 10400 mAH power bank which shows accurate value down to 1%. We love this product for its spec and features. It can be your Go to option if the high capacity is not of your main concern.

This power bank is most recommended for people who are traveling, hiking /camping a lot.


  • In US market, this power bank is listed under the most wished items with more than 5000 positive ratings. It’s a good indicator of high customer satisfaction
  • Waterproof, dustproof and includes multiple other safety features
  • Supports 4 LED status lights
  • Dual Output ports
  • Quick Self-Charging and Recharging
  • Sleek and Stylish Design
  • Quick responding power buttons
  • Allows simultaneous charging through its dual output ports
  • Offers a Promised efficiency
  • Reliable customer support


  • No passthrough charging
  • Slightly inaccurate status lights

3TP-Link TL-PB10400 10400mAh Power Bank

best power bank brand

amazon.in ₹ 1,173

Colors: White With Blue

TL-PB10400 has dual output ports (5V/2A, 5V/1A) using which you can charge two devices simultaneously. It is compatible with all IOS, Android and any other device that takes 5V Input. Once this power bank is recharged, it will hold the charge for a long time even when you put in on the shelf. It offers the higher degree of safety features which includes short current, over heat, over charge, over voltage and over recharging. Its smart charging technology automatically detects the type of device connected to its output port and optimizes the current delivery accordingly. Out of all the top 10 power banks available in India, Tp-link is known to provide the maximum energy efficiency rate (90%) which saves unnecessary energy loss while charging. It supports 4 LED status lights to show the remaining battery capacity. The approximate indication is shown below

4 LED lights – 75 to 100%
3 LED lights – 50 to 75%
2 LED lights – 25 to 50%
1 LED light – 0 to 25%


  • Supports smart charging
  • Includes multiple protection that ensures the safety of your devices
  • Fast charging and recharging
  • Dual output ports supports simultaneous charging
  • High Energy Efficient (90%)
  • Supports 4 LED status lights
  • 1-year warranty
  • Includes LED torch light


  • No passthrough charging
  • Slight bulky design

4 Tukzer 10000mAh STYLLO-L Power Bank

best power banks in india


Since tukzer styllo-l 10,000 mAH is not available now,tukzer 3000 mAH power bank is given.

Website   Price Link

₹ 549

Buy Here

 Available Colors: Black- Red

Variants : 3000 mAH, 5000 mAH, 10,000 mAH

Charge in style with fashionable high capacity Tukzer 10000mAh STYLLO-L power bank like never before! This power bank offers everything you can expect from an ideal power bank. The best part is, you can purchase this device with all packed features at the price and capacity of your choice. This device is available with varying capacities and prices (3000 mAH, 5000 mAH and 10000 mAH). All 3 capacity power banks support all the features listed below. So choose the device according to your requirement.

Tukzer STYLLO-L power bank supports dual output ports (DC 5V/2A & DC 5V/1A) using which you can charge 2 hungry devices as quickly as possible. It also supports sync charging and its smart charging IC automatically detects the type of device connected to its output ports and optimize the power delivery accordingly. Multi-protection safety features offered by this device ensures the safety of yourself and your devices in the best possible way. This power bank offers highest transfer rates and intelligent power saving features (auto on and off). Its built-in LED lights are smart enough to tell you the exact remaining power and its LED torch light will come in handy during the emergency situations. Without any doubt, this stylish portable charger is compatible with any smart devices that support 1A input current. This power bank will switch on the LED flashlight with a shake of a device.


  • Compact stylish design
  • Offers Dual Output simultaneous charging
  • Offers fast self-charging and recharging
  • Supports smart charging and sync charging
  • Includes 4 LED status lights and 1 LED torch light
  • Compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and other USB 2.0 devices
  • Officially approved for multiple safety standards
  • CE, FCC and RoHS certified


  • Shake activating flashlight seems to be bit annoying

5PNY BE-740 10400mAH Power Bank

best power banks in Iindia

Website  Price  Link

 ₹ 1,384

Buy Here

 ₹ 1,384

Buy Here

Available Color: White With Blue

The power bank we review here is from the world’s powerful USB and memory devices manufacturer PNY. They designed this power bank to have a sleek and compact design, making it easy to fit into your palm. This best power bank supports multiple safety features which include over charge protection, over discharge production, shock protection, short circuit protection and 4 others. This device is also certified with UN38.3 safety feature. It means it is perfectly safe to be used while traveling on airplane shipments. Upon connecting it through 2A USB cable, the power bank gets charged in 6 hours to its full capacity.

It includes 4 status LED lights that clearly indicates the status of remaining charge in your power bank. Here is a short description of what each indicator means.

4 LED lights – 75 to 100%
3 LED lights – 50 to 75%
2 LED lights – 25 to 50%
1 LED light – 0 to 25%

It supports a single input and output port with 5V/ 2.1A and it is compatible with almost all the smartphones, tablets and other USB powered devices.


  • Very compact
  • Supports quick charging and recharging
  • Includes 8 safety features
  • Includes an accurate status LED lights and torch light
  • Supports auto on and off
  • CE/FCC certified
  • Offers 1-year Warranty and good value for money


  • No passthrough charging
  • Lacks the smart charging feature
  • Single output

6Romoss 16000 mAH Solo6 Power Bank

best power banks in india

Website  Price Link

₹ 1,299

Buy Here

Available Color: White

This 160000 mAH power bank from Rosmoss has a simple portable design with the classic white color body. Its battery is powered with a high-Quality grade-A cell which ensures a long life and reliability. Huge capacity of Rosmoss battery makes it a true powerhouse. You can charge your iPhone about 8 times. Impressive! isn’t it? When charged with 2A USB, its takes only 6.5 hours to charge itself fully and with 1A USB cable, it takes 13 hours for full charge. It can recharge the 2 hungry devices through its dual output ports ( DC 5V/2.1A & DC 5A/1A) simultaneously. Rosmoss 16000 mAH power bank supports pass-through charging and smart charging technology. Auto on and off of this device is another pro feature of this power bank. When the device is not in use for 60 seconds, it automatically puts the power bank in sleeping mode (Energy-saving). Also, it achieves the promised energy conversion rate of up to 85%. Like any best power banks available in the market, it also has 4 status LED lights and LED torch that helps you to charge your devices in style. Manufacturer assures 1000 charge cycle for this device.


  • Intelligent circuit design ensures the best in class protection (over charge|short circuit|over discharge|shock|short circuit|High-Low Voltage|EMF|Temperature protection).
  • Supports dual output and smart charging
  • Compatible with wide range of devices
  • Supports 4 LCD status lights and LED torch light
  • Provides 85% of conversion rate
  • Rosmoss 16000 mAH offers a scratch protection and it can survive few accidental drops as well.
  • Excellent value for money


  • The size of Rosmoss seems too big and heavy. You can’t hold it in your pocket. (Anyhow you can put it in the bag and carry it along with you. Packing such large capacity into the design to fit into the palm is not that easy!).
  • Though the customers have expressed high satisfaction with this product some complaints were registered against the sellers of this particular product for sending the product without LED display. So check out the seller rating before you place an order.


Ambrane 13000 mAH Power Bank P-1310


best power banks in india

Website  Price Link
amazon.in  ₹ 949 Buy Here
flipkart ₹ 949 Buy Here

Available Colors: (Black, Grey)(White, Black)(White, Blue)

Ambrane is yet another Indian startup that is showing a fast paced development in the gizmo industry in the recent years. By offering the best quality product at a reasonable price, they captured the market quickly and now it is being one of the best selling top 10 power banks in Amazon India. As it is powered by Samsung’s high-quality Li-on battery, you can certainly expect a safety and durability by all means. The compact and sleek design of this product makes it easy to keep inside the pocket or a handbag. It is designed with 2 output ports (5V/ 2.1A and DC 5V / 1A) which are fair enough to provide the compatibility with a wide range of devices. When used with 2.1 Amp chargers, you can charge this power bank in just a matter of 5 hours.


  • High-quality battery
  • Dual output
  • Charge holds for even a month when it’s not used
  • Includes 4 status LED lights and one LED torch light
  • Fastest charging power bank in our top 10 power bank list


  • No passthrough charging
  • No smart charging
  • Heats up a bit while charging
  • It do not offer the generic protection features like over charge and discharge protection

8Asus 10050mAH Zen Power Bank

best power banks in india


Website Price Link
amazon.in ₹ 1,845 Buy Here

Available Colors:
Black, Blue, Gold, Silver, Pink

This credit card sized Asus Zen power bank is a designed to have the lowest weight as possible (just 125g) while packing 10050 mAH in its Li-Ion cells. Exterior premium finish aluminum casing of this power bank saves this power bank from scratches and accidental falls. It offers high-efficiency charging option through its 2.4A output port. What more is, it comes up with intelligent temperature control technology which detects the outside temperature automatically and adjusts its power delivery level accordingly. JEITA protection of this device ensures 1.8times of longer life span than any other power bank available in the market.


  • Fastest self-charging (6 hours).
  • Holds certification for 6 internal safety features which includes short circuit |Input, and Output over voltage| temperature|Input reveres| cell PTC protection.
  • Scratch resistant
  • 6 months warranty
  • Includes 4 LED status lights
  • Available in 5 different colors


  • Supports only single output
  • No smart charging
  • No passthrough charging

9 ADATA PT100 10000mAH Power Bank

best power banks

Website Price Link
amazon.in ₹810 Buy Here
flipkart ₹ 999 Buy Here

Available Colors:
(Black, Green) (White, Blue)

ADATA Technologies popularly known for manufacturing “DRAM and NAND flash” now also offers the high capacity power banks for mobiles with all the necessary features at the lowest price possible. The ergonomic design of ADATA PT100 offers a good grip and it fits into the hands easily.

It offers 5A/2V input port and two 5V/2.1 output ports that equip this device for fast charging and recharging. It supports charging of 2 devices simultaneously and it offers sync charging. Since it offers both 1A and 2A output, you can power up almost all USB powered devices with this power bank.

You could have seen many numbers of power banks that support LED flashlight but ADATA’s LED flashlight is quite unique. It supports 4 modes of LED flashlights. You can use the suitable one according to your requirement (helps in power saving). Once you set the flashlight mode when next time you turn the LED Flashlight on, you can see it operating at the last used mode.

best power bank for mobiles

Like all other best power bank brands in our top 10 review, ADATA also offers 4 inbuilt LED status lights to show the remaining power. Its smart energy saver auto shuts off the power bank whenever the connected device is plugged out or overcharged or being idle for 20 seconds. Apart from these features, it also offers multiple safety features.


  • Dual output ports
  • Supports simultaneous charging and sync charging
  • Includes 4 LED status light indicators
  • Supports 4 modes of Flashlight
  • Offers multiple protections (Overcharge |Over Discharge| Over Voltage |Over Current |Short Circuit Protection)


  • Lacks smart charging feature

10 OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank

best power bank for mobiles

amazon.in₹ 1,129

Available Colors: Sandstone Black, Silk White

Sleek design, gentle curves, premium finish everything best describes the bold design of one plus 10000 mAH power bank. It has 4 LED status lights to show the power level and it can be awoken with a simple shake. To keep the design more simple, this power bank hasn’t housed any buttons in its design. Its ultra thin light weight is achieved using a high-quality lithium polymer technology.

It also offers multitude of safety features which includes over charging, overheating and over voltage protection. However, it does not have a smart charging and auto on and off features.


  • Sleek Light weight design
  • 4 LED status lights
  • Offers multitude of protections (Over charge|over heating |over voltage protection)


  • Despite the specified specs, this device takes longer to charge and recharge
  • No smart charging
  • No sync charging
  • No auto on and off

Hope you find this list extremely satisfying. Remember that, we don’t promote any particular brand or product for any reason. We only list the worthy products that deserve the mention in the top 10 list. We usually do the market research, listen to the customers and do the hands-on reviews by ourselves before we recommend anything. We know the value of your hard earned money. So trust us on our listing and make a confident purchase.

If you have an experience of using any of the power banks found in the list “top 10 best power banks in India”, please share your thoughts with us. Your feedbacks are most welcome.



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