Why Mixer Grinder With Food Processor Is A Bad Choice ?

difference between food processor and mixer grinder

In Kitchen we need electric machines to handle the tasks ranging from grinding to Juice making. Dry grinding, wet grinding, blending, pureeing, grating, dough making,fruit and vegetable juice extraction and many more.  These tasks are best done by separate machines at certain motor power and specialized blades.

There are some mixer grinder food processor models that claim to meet all your kitchen needs on a single machine. Though it seems to be tempting to have these multi-purpose models on your kitchen, you should really need to pay attention before considering this claim.

You can do almost all kitchen coarse with just 2 separate machines (Juicer Mixer Grinder & Food Processor).You can get both of them separately in its exclusive versions affordable prices. So why do you wanna spoil your recipes with multipurpose machines?

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Word To The Wise:  Apply the right operations on the right kitchen Appliance so you can enjoy the taste of anything at its best.

Difference between Food Processor and Mixer Grinder

Kitchen Appliance Great at
Juicer Mixer Grinder Grinding Chutneys,grating coconut, Grinding Idly Dosa Mavu or batter,powdering spices, Juice Extarcts
Food Processor Slicing, kneading,blending,Shredding grinding bread crumbs,dough making for chappati,pie and pizza

Why Mixer Grinder With Food Processor Makes No Sense?

Mixer grinders usually come with 500+watts high speed Rotating motor which is essential to handle the tough grinding tasks like dry grinding, chutney making and rice grinding.

On other hand, the tasks like slicing, blending, shredding, dough making all such tasks are best done at much slower speeds. That’s how food processors are designed. They usually come with 350 watts motor and its blades are designed to rotate 10 times slower than the motor of regular mixer grinder.

So do your math. Can your multipurpose mixer grinder do the job of food processor as intended? Of course not. In no way you can achieve the perfection of food processor with a multipurpose mixer grinder. You got my point?

Hope now you know why mixer grinder with food processor makes a bad choice. If you have any concern that goes opposite to our view, you can place your comments in the comment section .We are open to the feedback.  But please be respectful.



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