Top 10 Best Smartphones Under Rs.15000

best mobile phones under 15000

The recent arrival of Indo-Chinese brands have greatly influenced the way how budget phones are being built and sold in our Indian Market. Everyone wants to outperform the others by introducing new exciting features. To be frank, this scenario has brought both advantages and disadvantages. Undoubtedly, we have lots and lots of options to choose from but at the same time, it also hardened the task of finding the best ones. But don’t worry as you want to find the best smartphones under 15000; we are here to help you.

Apart from what the manufacturers claim to offer in their latest smart phones, you should consider the real world performance and the feed backs. Hence seeing the specs and deciding the phone will not make please sense. You can follow our strategy to spot the one for yourself. So how did we choose the best ones? We analyze the market, go through the specs, listen to the consumers and finally come up with the best list like the one below.

Top 10 Best Smartphones Under 15000

Rank Mobile Phone Model Spec Score (/100) Customer Satisfaction(/100) Best Price
1 Lenovo Vibe S1 77 75 14999
2 Huawei Honor 5X (16 GB) 74 83 12999
3 Lenovo Vibe K4 Note 76 82 11999
4 Lenovo VIBE P1 (32 GB) 76 70 14999
5 lECHO LE 1s 77 67 10999
6 Samsung Galaxy J7 (16 GB) 69 80 14249
7 Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML 74 70 13999
8 Moto G Turbo Edition 68 68.5 12499
9 Xiomi Redmi Note 3 82 53 9999
10 Xiomi Redmi Mi4 74 51 14999

We will continue to update this post as and when the worth mentioning phones arrive in the market. So if you ever wanted to make a new purchase, come back to this page and do a quick check with us. Surely it will help your buying decision in a positive way.

Every phone mentioned here supports 4G and all the standard features. All of them carry 1 Year of warranty.

Besides to listing the best phones, we have also mentioned about what every phone excels in. We hope that it will help you find your cup of coffee. Remember, just because we mention something as Best smartphone, it does not mean that it will perform worse in all other categories. It is just that, it is more specialized in the mentioned thing.

Now without wasting anymore of your time, let’s quickly jump into the list of best smartphones below 15000 in India.

1. Lenovo Vibe S1 (32 GB)

latest smartphones under 15000

In the world of mid range smart phones; the Lenovo Vibe S1 seems to be the perfect blend of beauty and performance. It houses 2 front cameras, one 8MP camera with built in BSI sensor that help you to take crystal clear pictures and another 2 MP camera to automatically analyze the depth of the field. Its rear focusing camera is powered by 13MP BSI Sensor with f/2.2 larger aperture and Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF). With this high profile of camera you can focus up to 1 to 1.5 meters without any difficulty. You won’t have any problem even after that range too. Its classy sleek design is packed with a metal frame and it is designed with a curved back. It measures only 7.8 mm at its thickest point and weigh around 132 grams. “5 inch display with 440 PPI, super fast 1.7 GHz octo-core processor, the ARM T760 MP2 GPU everything ensures an awesome performance with zero lag between multiple apps switch. Browse anything, play heavy graphic intensive games, watch videos and do anything as you want. Lenovo Vibe S1’s full HD capacitive touch and its full potential CPU will take care of everything. This phone is available in 2 different colors blue and white. Both of them will look and feel good under all lights.

Lenovo Vibe S1 Quick Review

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Exclusively Available Only On Amazon :

Available Colors : Dark Blue, White

amazon.in ₹ 14,999

2. Huwaei Honor 5X

best smartphones under 15000

With Qualcomm’s snap dragon 616 processor, 5.5 inch IPS LCD screen, 360 degree finger print sensor and partial aluminum alloy body, Honor 5X offers everything you could expect from any best mid range smartphones in the price range 12,999. There are wow factors that set this phone ahead of competition. One of the key features of Honor 5X is its super sensitive finger print sensor. It works best in every angle and the best part is, it hardly requires a second touch. Like in all other phones this sensor can be used to unlock the phone but this flagship model offers lot more. Besides to unlocking your phone, you can set individual fingers to directly jump into one of your frequently used apps. For example, your index finger can be used to unlock your phone and your thumb can be used to load up camera and middle finger can be used to load up your whatsapp. You can store up to five fingers. Another key feature of this phone is its metal body. Back and the sides of this phone are modeled with metal body but the top and bottom parts of front panel are made with plastic. From my view, it seems like a complete mess. Ignoring this mess, honor 5X could have received an appealing look as other phones we are reviewing here. It is also packed with 13 MP decent rear cameras using which you can shoot excellent pictures in detail under a good lighting condition. Though colors seem to be bit dull in low light conditions, surprisingly it captures the clear images. When it comes to performance, Honor 5X performs well while playing even the heavy games and videos.

Huwaei Honor 5X Quick Review

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Available Colors : Grey, Gold, Silver

amazon.in ₹ 12,999 flipkart ₹ 12,999

3.Lenovo Vibe K4 Note

latest smartphones under 15000

If you want to find the best smartphone under 15000 to explore the multimedia contents like playing heavy graphical games, videos and music, Lenovo K4 note must be your go to choice. We tell you why. Read on. With new features like new TheaterMax VR technology and Dolby atmos speakers and VR Headset, Lenovo has risen the bar for all mid range Smart phones here in India. As a result, we can expect this year to be the year for handset makers who move beyond just the specifications. All credits goes to Lenovo! This Chinese company has already seen a massive success with its K3 Note series. Now in 2016, this success story seems to be continued with another powerful device K4 note. When K4 note is used along with Ant VR headset to explore the multimedia contents like movies, games and songs, it delivers an awesome virtual reality cinematic experience in 100 degree viewing angle. The front panel of Lenovo K4 note is designed with 5.5 inch HD display and its dual speakers add extra boldness to this smart phone. Its Dolby atoms speaker sounds good than all other best smartphones available in the same price segment. Front and back are designed with plastic and its sides are made with metal frames which make this phone durable.

Lenovo Vibe K4 Note Quick Review

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Available Colors : Black, White

amazon.in ₹ 11,999

4.Lenovo Vibe P1 (32 GB)

best smartphones under 15000

Unlike our topper Lenovo Vibe S1, P1 is powered by a massive battery that ensures full 20 hours of battery life even under a heavy usage. This model is packed with longer running time, enough power, finger print sensor, solid performance and a decent camera. The only drawback of this phone is its normal look. Though the identically priced Lenovo S1 sports a beautiful look and camera, P1 is clearly focused on the performance and battery life. The entire body of this phone is made with metal except a small portion where the sim slot and micro SD slots are housed. It can be entirely hidden from the view with a protective cover. Its Power saver feature lets you do an easy switch between the normal mode and extreme power saver mode. When this mode is active, it cuts off the internet access and other unnecessary background processes and allows only the most basic functions like call, contacts and calendar. Lenovo Vibe P1 has a quick charge up time. You can charge this 5000 mAh battery from 0 to 60 in just 30 minutes. You can also charge your other devices using the OTG adapter which is pre packed with your phone. The rear camera of this phone offers a decent picture quality with great detail and sharpness while clicking indoors. However, this camera seems to have some issues with bright colors. When the pictures are clicked under the intense sun light, photos seems to lose the colors, sometimes all it shows is only a blank white space. Obviously this does not fit to the outdoor photographers. Its snapdragon processor offers a consistent reliable performance with heavy graphic indented games and videos. Also it is not lagging when making a switch between the apps. It does not pose any software crash also.

So, If you need a stylish phone with awesome camera and do not care about the battery life Go with S1.On other hand if you are only concerned with the performance of the processor for playing games, watching videos and surfing the net without draining your battery too quick, go with Lenovo Vibe P1.

Lenovo Vibe P1 (32 GB) Quick Review

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Available Colors : Grey, Silver

flipkart ₹ 14,999

5.LeEcho LE 1S (32 GB)

best smartphones under 15000

The company LeEcho (primarily known as LeTv) is still a baby to join a very long list of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers who are trying to capture the Indian market. It does not have any previous reputation but with the release of Le 1S, it captured the attention of all eyes and increased the desirability of its brand name. Le 1s uses premium quality materials and high end specifications in its build. With Le 1s in hand, you will almost forget that you are holding a budget smart phone. Performance wise, it is faster than all of its competitors at its price range. It even wins over the double of its price range. Though the continuous game play for 30 mins at a stretch triggers some minor heating issue, when comparing it with the overall performance, it is definitely a negligible one. This heating issue is not reported with any voice and video call usages. Even hours of usage do not trigger this issue. Le 1S’s touch panel is buttery smooth. The only bad thing about this phone is its camera performance. It takes better pictures under a good sunlight but the low light photography does not seem to be that impressive.

LeEcho LE 1S (32 GB) Quick Review

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Available Colors : White, Silver,Gold

flipkart ₹ 10,999

6.Samsung Galaxy J7 (16 GB)

best mobile phone under 15000

Samsung Galaxy J7 was first launched in June 2015. Though the first look at J7 reminds its predecessor J5, it’s not the exact same. The new Galaxy J7 has come with a whole lot of new features and of course with bit higher price tag. It is designed with 5.5 inches, 720×1280 pixels super HD AMOLED display and it runs on its own in house processor 1.5 GHz Exynos. When it comes to performance, it’s perfect pairing (7580 Octa Core + 1.5 GB RAM gives this device a blazing speed and it handles games and other multi tasking well without any issues. Samsung is always known for their camera. You can expect to capture the same awesome shots with J7. As with all other phones fall under this budget phone segment, J7 also comes with 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera (with LED Flash light). But its clarity is what makes all the difference. Both front and back cameras seems very good. It’s the only phone I personally recommend to the selfie lovers just next to our topper Lenovo Vibe S1. Being modeled with Samsung’s exclusive UI Touch Wiz, it runs on 32 bit Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Operating system. So without any doubt, it gives a buttery smooth UI experience. On top of all, its AMOLED display reassures its manufacture’s claim, “true-to-life viewing experience” by offering vibrant brilliant display in all the multimedia and game plays. J7 comes in 3 variants Black, Silver and Gold. All of them sport a premium look. The only serious drawback of this phone is its poor sound quality. Excluding this, J7 offers all the features that are usually found in the latest smartphones under 15000 but in a better way.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Quick Review

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Available Colors : Gold, White, Black

Where To Buy :

amazon.in ₹ 14,249

flipkart ₹ 14,349

snapdeal ₹ 14,226

7.Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML (16 GB)

best mobile phones under 15000

Asus, the mother board manufacturer, uses Intel processors in their smart phones and tablets. Its Engineers has the history of fixing the problems even the Intel’s own engineers have had. Starting from 1989, these 2 firms are being the close partners in the computer industry. With this trust and unquestionable Excellency, Asus attained a massive success with all 3 models (Zenfone 4, 5 and 6) in the past year. This year Asus launched Zenfone 2 with 4 variants (by varying its processor, Storage and RAM). Check out the Asus official page to know more about its variants. All of these models sport 5.5 inch display, curved rear at the front and a metal finished plastic at the back. Size of the phone at its thickest point is 10.9 mm and the size at its thinnest point is just 3.9 mm. Because of its curved rear, holding this phone wouldn’t feel chunky at all.

The variation of Asus Zenfone 2, ZE551ML we are reviewing here runs on 64 bit 1.8 GHZ Intel Atom Z3560 processor and PowerVR G6430 GPU. This same chip has also powered the iPhone 5s. Though the Zenfone 2 is well known for its roof shouting 4 GB RAM, it starts at the price range 19,999. The product we review here, has come with 2 GB RAM. This phone has 13 MP rear camera , 5 MP front camera , both of them deliver the excellent quality pictures. This phone runs with Asus’s Zen UI on the top of Android V5.0 Lollipop. The real beauty of Zen comes with its unprecedented performance, sharp vision, fast charging, vibrant display, awesome camera and other worth noting features. If taking selfies is what you are crazy about, you can’t go wrong with Zen 2. The new ergonomic design houses a physical rear key at the back of the phone. Using which you can control the volume and take selfies like never before. Its 72% of screen-to-body ratio brilliantly turns its 5.5 inch body as small as the conventional 5 inch one. Yeah! It significantly reduced the bezel width of the body to the bare minimum. Thanks to the Zen’s design engineers!

Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML Quick Review

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Available Colors : Silver, Gold

Where To Buy :

amazon.in ₹ 13,999

flipkart 13,999

8.Moto G Turbo Edition

best smartphones under 15000

To make its coming back a remarkable one, Motorola came up with its 1st generation Moto G with the solid spec and hardware in the past year. Motorola has succeeded in its attempt too. 2 generations later Moto offered the improved version of Moto G (3rd) gen. unfortunately; it didn’t meet the expectation in terms of specs when comparing it with its Chinese rivals. Now as an upgrade of Moto G (3rd) Gen mobile phone, Moto has released the Moto G Turbo Edition. However it shouldn’t be confused with the previous model Moto G Turbo. The one we review here is actually an improved version of Moto G (3rd) Gen with the bumped up processor, GPU, CPU and storage. Appearance wise, both the front and back of the phone are designed with the neatly looking panels. Its rubbery finish provides a good grip to this phone. Moto G turbo edition comes with the IP67 certification. It means that you can throw your mobile into the clean water or dust up to 3 feet deep for half an hour but still your phone will survive. Although it assures the protection against dust and water, it is not advised to expose your phone under such conditions for testing purposes. Its 5 inch screen comes with the corning Gorilla glass and its back panel is designed with the curved back which makes the phone easy to hold. The incorporation of new Qualcomm soc provides the fast charging capability to this device. Moto says, you can use your phone up to 6 hours with just 15 minutes of charging. The charging cable provides 12V of output instead of the standard 5V. However, the only drawback is, it comes with non detachable cable. Like all other Moto mobile phones, Moto G turbo also come with stock android experience. To add up the pros, it also offers few interesting shortcuts for application handling. Flick your wrist 2 times while holding your phone on hand, it will trigger the camera app. shake the phone sidewise twice, it will launch the torch application. Although these seem to be the useful features, when a user performs these actions without knowing that these features exist chances are, they wouldn’t know the ways to stop them in the future. Performance wise, Moto G hasn’t won any of its rivals with its average spec but still it will not go wrong if we claim this as the best phone under 15000. The reason is, Moto have only happy customers. It’s worth considering option for all normal users. With sufficient outdoor light, Moto G Turbo’s camera manages the noise very well and the picture seems to be sharp. Low light photos seem good enough for viewing. To make it short, unless otherwise you are interested in showing off the new Smartphone features like finger print sensor, faster RAM, VR experience and so on, Moto G turbo edition will serve as a sensible choice. You won’t have any regrets.

Moto G Turbo Edition Quick Review

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Available Colors : Black,White

Where To Buy :

amazon.in 12,499 flipkart 12,499


9. Xiomi Redmi Note 3 (32 GB)

best smartphones under 15000

Xiomi Redmi mobile phones got immense of popularity in the past few years for its unbeatable specs and build quality. Even the other Chinese mobile manufacturers have tough time in managing the competition with Xiomi. Being initiated by xiomi, nowadays all other manufacturers started to pull out the powerful features of premium phones into the mid range phones so they can stand ahead of competition. Thanks to xiomi for giving such a tough competition otherwise we wouldn’t be able to use many of the premium features in the budget phones.

When talking of Xiomi Redmi note 3, it feels and looks premium with its full metal body smooth matte finish. It is designed with “5.5 inch full HD IPS display”. Edges of the front facia are designed with the nice looking glossy elevated rim which protects the display from the dust and other things when placed face-down. Like the Moto G mobile phones, Xiomi made its display a scratch resistant but this feature is not mentioned anywhere by Xiomi. It has 13 MP rear camera with the dual tone 2 LED flash. Design wise, xiomi has done an excellent job. Coupled with full HD IPS display panel, Xiomi’s exclusive feature of Sunlight Display hardware ensures the legibility of using this phone even under the direct sun light. Performance wise, Xiomi is the first ever budget smart phone that has packed Qualcomm’s snapdragon Soc in its hardware. Though it’s a budget smart phone, it hasn’t packed any of the low-end hardware in redmi note 3’s production. Redmi note 3 runs on the powerful dual ARM Cortex-A72 cores which run at 1.8GHz. Other 4 cores run on the Cortex-A53s at 1.4GHz. GPU of this device is a newer Adreno 510 that is just one notch lower than what we see in the premium flagship GPU’s (snapdragon 820). This phone is available in 2 variants 2GB RAM and 16 GB on board storage, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB on board storage. NFC feature is what missing here. This phone runs on the new build of Android Fork known as MIUI 7. This UI is getting popular among the smart phone users for its easy of customization. Xiomi provides solid performance with the pleasing android experience. Multitasking and call quality seem to be good. However, the camera is not very impressive. Color reproduction is good but the object in focus lacks more of details. Its hybrid dual slim slot took near 10 minutes to recognize the sim card which is a real pain if you use swap your sims often. This phone is definitely not for the camera lovers and dual sim users. You could have wondered why this phone with awesome spec didn’t make up into the top 3 spots of our review “best smartphones under 15000”. No matter how robust the specs are, it’s not sensible to rate it high when it fails to satisfy the users. Only 53% of users say they are satisfied. Read the pros and cons. You can hear the voices of its users.

Xiomi Redmi Note 3 Quick Review

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Available Colors : Gold, Dark Grey, Silver

amazon.in ₹9.999

10.Xiomi Mi4

best mobile phone under 15000

Here is our last pick of the list best mobile phones under 15000 as of April 2016. Xiomi has stopped the production of Xiomi Mi3 altogether. As you might know it is one of the highly regarded budget phones of the past year. So Mi4 is more like an upgrade of Mi3 rather that a replacement. To be frank Xiomi Mi3 do not look even bit similar to its predecessor. Instead of that, it heavily borrowed the design of Apple and Samsung. But unlike the other mobile phones the top of the front facia seem to be over crowded with Mi logo, sensor, speaker and the camera. The capacitive navigation buttons at the bottom of the front is designed to have white backlighting which is even more beautified with the LED lights. If you were specifically looking for this feature, you are sure to love’em. When talking of the appearance the blend of milk white and the shiny metal does not seem to be very appealing. But as usual xiomi has packed the high end hardware into this budget phone. It runs of 2.5 GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 on the top of Adreno 330 GPU. It also offers a more generous RAM (3 RAM) with 16 GB onboard storage. It boats 5 inch IPS display with the full HD 1080×1920-pixel resolution. Though xiomi packs Mi Remote app to control the electronic appliances, it do not list the Indian set top box brands as options to choose from. Its MIUI 6 looks similar to the Apple IOS. Performance wise it has packed whole lot of high end hardware in its design but pathetically the user Interface and the animations are getting processed very slow which is more frustrating. Camera is yet another flaw of xiomi Mi4. So the verdict here is, this phone is not perfect but it will be more sufficient for the normal users.

Xiomi Mi4 Quick Review

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Available Color : White

Where To Buy :

amazon.in ₹ 14,999 (Black) amazon.in ₹ 11,999

flipkart ₹ 14,999

Please Note

As the modern devices require large battery backup, nowadays every smart phone manufacturer packs an awesome battery in their latest releases. But remember that what they claim as battery standby time is just an approximation which is calculated based on the average usage of that particular smart phone model. The actual battery backup time will greatly vary based on your network configuration, application usage, network provider, battery age, signal strength and operating temperature. So you don’t need to worry if your battery performs bit different than what is claimed.

Also when it comes to the camera quality, we can’t expect to see an exact performance provided by the mobile phones that cost 2 to 3 times higher than the budget (Rs 15000) we are reviewing now. Have some realistic expectations and compare the phones that fall under the same price range. If you can’t compromise with camera, go with the phone that is specially designed for camera like Lenovo Vipe S1. If you are a great music listener and gamer go with Lenovo K4 note or Lenovo Vipe P1. If you want a stylish phone and decent camera, go with Le 1S. If you are a heavy call user, get a phone that has the lowest SAR value like leEcho Le 1S. If you are a normal user and who want to have the taste of everything packed in a single device, go with Honor 5x. Choose the best one that suit your needs and avoid regretting it later.

If you are using or used any of the devices mentioned here in the list of best smartphones under 15000, do tell us about your experience. It will help us improve our post even better.

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