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Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers In India 2020 – Guide & Reviews

Sandwiches are the simple quick go-to food for any time, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a mid-day snack. The sandwich recipes are so vast and can be made as healthy as possible. To make things easy, convenient and time efficient, sandwich makers are your perfect choice. Buying the sandwich maker can make your work easy. Here let’s see the features and guide to purchase the best sandwich maker in India.

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Things To Look For While Buying The Sandwich Maker


 You need to make sure that the sandwich maker you buy should be adaptable to even thick slices of slices of bread, hard crusts, cheese fillings, big paneer chunks, eggs, vegetable layers & fillings and the likes.

Sandwich Maker Price

Make sure that the sandwich makers fit right into your budget and don’t spend too much on a sandwich maker, as they are just one among the many useful kitchen appliances.

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No of Slices

 Sandwich makers can take up from 6-8 slices or less, so choose the sandwich maker that meets your daily needs.

Removable Plates

The Removable plates in a sandwich maker offer an efficient hassle-free cleaning, so look for this option.

Non-Stick Coated

It will be a good option to go for a non-stick coated sandwich plates since it’s easy to clean and will not make the food to stick to the surface. If your sandwich has cheese or any sort of cream fillings then non-stick will be the best option.


Not many sandwiches offer this option, but an adjustable heat setting feature can make you prepare the sandwich how crisp or how brownish/toasted you want. Most sandwich makers have Red and Green light as indications, the green usually indicates that the sandwich is ready.

Proper Panel Latch

 Almost all the sandwich makers offer the latch. This is the lock in the sandwich maker which avoids accidental opening of the appliance or any further inconsequences. Make sure that your sandwich maker has a proper latch.


A sturdy stainless steel handle will be a good option.


Some people prefer sandwich makers with Vertical storage option so as to keep it conveniently in the kitchen space. But most of the sandwich makers do not occupy much space.


 Certain functions vary according to price and brand of the sandwich makers. There is one type of sandwich makers which just toasts the bread and compresses them with fillings, while others offer both grilling and also toasting and compressing the bread slices for a perfect sandwich.

Keeping all these features in mind, we have analyzed and sorted out the following best sandwich maker. We have spent our time in user reviews as well.

Top 10 Best Sandwich Makers In India

1.Nova NT 233 HDG 1800W 4-Slice Grill Sandwich Maker

Nova NT 233 HDG is the best grilling and toasting sandwich maker that can easily accommodate four slices of sandwiches making quality meals in no time. It makes your work fast and convenient if you have more guests to make a quick tasty snack. You can accommodate two heavy filled sandwiches to that of four sandwiches with minimal stuffing’s easily and the grills are large enough to make fine sandwiches with crispiness. Since, it does perfect grilling; you can go for any food choices to grill evenly with required output.

Thermostat/temperature control knob lets you make your sandwiches in your preferred way from crisp to even extra crisp and the sorts you like. Teflon non-stick coat make sure that the surface remains clean and consume less oil. The floating hinge adjusts automatically to toast and grill any size sandwiches perfectly. This Nova 4-slice sandwich maker is worth every penny, and if you like to go further with the Nova range, then you can try the 3-in-1 grill sandwich maker, and normal 2-slice sandwich maker.

best sandwich maker in india

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Nova – NT 233 HDG Review


  • Large size grills toaster ( 4-slice )
  • Heavy duty toasting & grilling
  • Thermostat/Temperature control knob
  • Cool touch body


  • No automatic cut off
  • No Warranty (Good Quality Product Though)
Expert Tips
Don’t apply too much butter/ghee/oil, as all sandwich makers are non-stick and requires less oil.

2.Havells Toastino Stainless Steel Multi-Grill Sandwich Maker Black

When it comes to electronics and kitchen appliances, Havells definitely holds an inseparable part. The Havells Toastino Multi Grill sandwich is an ergonomically designed 2-slice sandwich maker with a stylish stainless steel finish and cool touch body. This convenient sandwich maker from Havells is made with loads of features like food-grade non-stick coating, the hinged lock for safety, indicator lights and importantly an Auto shut-off feature. The sandwich maker is designed with deeper grooves which ensure that you can stuff more fillings in your sandwich without any doubt and also filling doesn’t come out of the sandwiches.

The hinged lock feature is a perfect closure system that gets easily hinged so you can work without any doubts. From a normal sandwich with any Cheese, Paneer, Vegetables, Fruit Fillings to that of more than two or three layered stuffing’s, the Havells Toastino multi grill will be a good choice. The interchangeable plates are an added advantage. One is the grill plate for grilling purpose and other is the triangle-cut plate for making sandwiches. So you can enjoy both grill and sandwich making with two looks. It is elegant compact with upright storage for easy kitchen space use, has lots of multipurpose and definitely gives you crispy tasty sandwiches.

best sandwich maker in india

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 Havells – Toastino Stainless Steel Multigrill Review


  • Interchangeable plates – grill & sandwich making
  • Deeper grooves for heavy fillings
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Non-skid feet
  • Food grade non-stick coating
  • Easy hinged lock safety


  • Power cord length is little.
  • Takes little extra time than usual to grill

3. Morphy Richards SM3007 (G) 750W 2-Slice Grill Toaster (White)

 Morphy Richards has a strong influence on Indian homes and kitchens.  The Morphy Richards SM 3007 (G) sandwich maker will be a best go-to solution when it comes to making quick & easy sandwiches. The model has high utility value with a compact Upright storage for adapting to any available kitchen space. The Anti-Skid feet help the sandwich maker to stay firm on any surface dry/wet thereby avoiding any movements or disturbances while preparing the sandwich.

SM 3007 (G) has an oil drip features so you don’t have to worry about bottom surface getting messy with oiliness. The sandwich maker is incorporated with a cool-touch body; cord winder for easy wind-up without any detangles. Also available is the SM3007 model sandwich maker from Morphy Richards. Overall, the Morphy Richards SM 3007 (G) 2-slice grill toaster will definitely not let you down. On the whole, this 2-slice best sandwich maker offers a nice golden brown hue with grill lines and adds crispiness thereby giving you a perfect sandwich feel.

best sandwich maker in india


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Morphy Richards – SM3007 (G) Review


  • Oil drip feature
  • Cord winder
  • Compact size
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Comfortable front handle for carrying it around


  • It can accommodate simple sandwich fillings. It cannot include big breads or heavy stuffed sandwiches.

4.Prestige PGMFB 800w Sandwich Toaster

In India, Prestige is one of the leading and most trusted brands. So when it comes to kitchen appliances, their line of sandwich makers is no exception. Prestige PSMFB sandwich toaster works easy and makes your work done quickly when it comes to making tasty sandwiches. They come in a compact size which is easy to store in your kitchen.

It’s a two-slice sandwich maker; it gives a perfect sandwich finish with your desired fillings without taking up much power. It’s easy to clean and comes in a sleek design with triangle cut for the sandwiches making them look good and also tastes good. The matte finish body doesn’t allow any scratches, has fixed sandwich plates, heat-resilient body(which makes the outer surface cool), sturdy base grip, good heating for giving out crisp sandwiches and best buy for your money.

best sandwich maker in india

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Prestige PGMFB 800W Review


  • Triangle-cut sandwich plates
  • Sleek and convenient for kitchen space
  • Non-stick & Non-Toxic coating
  • Elegant finish black body


  • Fixed grill plates
  • Not for heavy fillings or big sandwiches

5.Nova NSG 2449 1000W 2 Slice Panini Grill Sandwich Press

Nova NSG 2449 Panini press comes with both grilling and toasting, making your work much easy. The size of the Nova Panini press is large enough to accommodate two normal sandwiches, two big bread sandwiches, two normal burritos to even grilling veggies and a thin piece of chicken to that of trying your Paneer Tikkas and crisps, minimum 3-4 sticks of thin kebabs. The griller is so efficient and takes care of the grilling uniformly giving out a perfect golden brown for your sandwich and slices of bread.

Nova Panini grills have a non-stick coating which giving you a convenient cooking experience and don’t worry about foods sticking to surfaces. With a cool touch body, you don’t have to worry about burning your hands while operating the sandwich press. Overall, Nova NSG 2449 Panini press is the best buy for both your grilling and sandwich making needs.

best sandwich maker in india

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  • Sturdy Lid-Lock
  • Drip tray to remove excess oil
  • Auto off
  • Non-skid feet


  • Wire length could have been little longer

6.PHILIPS HD 2393 820W Sandwich Maker

Philips without a doubt is a top trusted brand in Indian households. This compact and sleek HD 2393 sandwich maker is an efficient and easy sandwich maker with cut and seal plates that seal ingredients/cheese or any stuffing’s perfectly inside the sandwich. It is basically a 2-slice sandwich maker. Heating-up and ready to cook indicator makes your work quickly. The cord winding facility and vertical storage make the sandwich maker an effective space utility appliance.

To give you maximum safety, Philips HD 2393 offers a nice cool touch handle, on/off switch for extra safety, rubber feet to ensure that the product stays in one place. The high temperature ensures that the sandwiches are toasted evenly for crisp and crunchy tasty sandwiches. The model comes with an easy lock system with just one push down and the appliance is locked securely. On the whole, in our list of top 10 best sandwich maker in India, this one has got its sleek and stylish design. Its features can make sandwiches on the go easily, quickly and gives you definite tasty crisp sandwiches.

best sandwich maker in india

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PHILIPS – HD 2393 820W Review


  • Triangle cut and seal plates
  • Easy pushdown lock system
  • Vertical compact storage
  • Cord winding facility
  • Rubber feet – ensures the product to stay in one place


  • Too short wire
  • Not for heavy usage

7.Concord Sandwich Maker/Grill 1000w With Oil Drip Tray

Concord is Lebanese multinational home and commercial appliances company with HQ at Beirut. This Concord sandwich maker is a premium quality Panini press with functions of both making sandwiches and grilling. It comes with an automatic temperature control, cool touch body, and a sturdy handle. The Teflon non-stick coating enables less usage of oils/butter/ghee and ensures quick and easy tidying. The removable drip tray allows collecting excess oil for a nice, clean use and gives out a fresh clean crisp sandwich without oiliness.

It’s a 2-slice Panini press so you can use and make 2 normal sandwiches, 2 sandwiches with more stuffing’s, 2-medium size bread, one single large burrito to grilling your favorite Paneer, Vegetables with much ease. It’s a low-cost compact model Panini press when you need a grill and sandwich making with minimal usage.


Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon


  • Removable oil drip tray
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Cord-wrap for storage
  • Floating hinge system to adjust to any size of toast


  • Not for heavy usage
  • Lightweight body and not sturdy

8.Bajaj Majesty Grill Ultra Sandwich Press And Open Contact Grill

The Bajaj majesty grill ultra is the best buy sandwich maker with lots of utility for the money. It’s a Panini press and open contact grill with stainless steel. The appliance gives a 180 flatbed barbeque facility. The cool touch handle and cord-winder at the base add up to the easy handling of the sandwich grill. The Bajaj majesty is a 4-slice sandwich press with open contact grill preparation.

A drip collector bowl is attached at the bottom to remove excess oil during sandwich prep or grilling. Another essential feature is the temperature control knob which gives you control over how crisp you want your sandwiches and how you want your grill. It has a stylish body with SS and glassy finish. Floating hinges makes you adjust to any kinds of sandwich fillings. At once you can make 4-slice sandwiches, can accommodate two jumbo sandwiches at once and nicely grills stuff. It’s a heavy duty appliance and hence you can use it for a small commercial purpose.  On the whole, the Bajaj majesty grill ultra sandwich press and open contact grill can be a valuable addition.



Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon

Bajaj Majesty Grill Ultra Review


  • 180 flat bed barbeque facility
  • Heavy duty toasting and grilling
  • Cord winder at the base
  • Temperature control knob
  • Drip collector bowl for removing excess oil


  • Needs more space

9.Prestige PGMFD 700W Sandwich Toaster Black

Prestige PGMFD model is a simple compact and useful sandwich maker when it comes to making your simple quick meal fix. The model comes with a black body finish in a compact and handy shape for easy use in the kitchen as well as storage. PGMFD is ideal to make a quick fix for your snack time, to make easy and healthy breakfast on the go and even a light dinner of two sandwich slices, the list of ideas just continues. Preparing a simple Cheese/Paneer/Vegetable sandwich on the hurry will nicely fill your stomach and this model makes it easy in no time.

best sandwich maker

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Prestige – PGMFD 700W Review


  • Nice looking body finish
  • Anti skid feet
  • Low price


  • Not for heavy usage
  • Fixed sandwich plates
  • Doesn’t grill

10.INALSA Easy Toast 750w 4 Slice Sandwich Toaster (Spray Painted White)

The Inalsa easy toast as the name suggests will make you easy and quick sandwich fix for any meal time or just a casual tea time snack. It comes with triangle cut plates with a non-stick coating. To make your work easier, the Inalsa has features like Power and ready to cook indicators, easy locking, cord winder at the base, and mostly a vertical storage to make you worry less about space occupation. The overheat safety protection ensures your safety. It’s definitely a good choice for minimal home usage.

best sandwich maker in india

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INALSA – Easy Toast Review


  • Triangle cut sandwich plates
  • Vertical storage.
  • Cord winder at the base


  • Not ideal for heavy fillings

How To Buy The Best Sandwich Maker? – A Guide to Follow

Types of Sandwich Makers Available

Now, when it comes to the types of sandwich makers, there are two prominent varieties are available in India. Those are:

  1. Panini Press.
  2. The Four-Triangle Sandwich maker.

Both Panini press and 4-Triangle sandwich makers have their own functionality and advantages. It is up to you to decide which suits you better based on your requirements, your usage, preferences, and functionality.

What is A Panini Press? 


In simple words, a Panini press is a type of sandwich maker which has two presses on top and bottom, which acts like a basic grill as well as a toaster. It can be a replacement to a toaster since its usage exceeds beyond just toasting or making a simple sandwich. Panini press can also be ideal for burger patties, kebabs, grill meats, fish or vegetables, grill cheese varieties, thick bread with easy ability to accommodate more than two layered/filling sandwiches.

  Why Should You Go For A Panini Press?

  • Dual advantage – can be used for grilling and toasting.
  • It’s ability to accommodate thicker sandwiches.
  • Two presses – Top and Bottom.
  • Grill/Cook even two different items in two presses (Top, Bottom).
  • It gives nice grill lines on the sandwich surface.
  • If you have a thick sandwich filling, then you can easily adjust the clearance of the top plate in most presses.

What is a 4-Triangle Sandwich Maker?

best sandwich maker

A commonly used variety in households is the 4-Triangle sandwich maker. These best sandwich makers have four square plates that are triangular shaped from the interior that cut the sandwiches into two along with heating them. You can place the bread slices with the fillings inside and close the plates, at the end you get four triangle shaped sandwiches. Usually, it takes around a maximum of 5-7 minutes to get the sandwiches. It will be a good choice for making an easy and humble sandwich with a minimum filling for everyday hustle in little time.

Why Should You Go For A 4-Triangle Sandwich Maker?

  • It’s cheap when compared to a Panini press.
  • The triangle shape of sandwich, makes the bread to become bite-sized thus preventing the stuff from runaway right after your first bite.
  • 4-Triangle shape makes it more edges. It means more crunchy when compare to the sandwich made out of Panini press.
  • Everything is automated in a sandwich maker including pre-heating the plates to toasting temperature.
  • Indicator says when the sandwich is ready. It gives you the freedom to do other tasks until the sandwiches are prepared.
Expert Tips
If it is a Panini press, then you can add heavy fillings to your sandwiches. If it is a 4-Triangle sandwich maker then use simple fillings and do not burden it, as it becomes difficult to close the lid. With heavy fillings, making proper sandwich becomes difficult and inconvenient.

Advantages Of Having A Sandwich Maker

The first and foremost advantage of having any sandwich maker is they make your work Easy & Quick. Apart from those, we do have certain benefits of having a sandwich maker

  • It helps greatly when you have little time for any meal prep be it a breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, as they don’t require water or any cleaning sorts. Just a dry cloth or thick tissue paper, little damp cloth (only when the sandwich maker is cooled off) is enough to wipe it clean.
  • Sandwich makers are very useful and handy appliance when it comes to bachelors, working people, students.
  • It is compact. You can carry your sandwich maker anywhere you go.
  • With a Non-stick sandwich maker, you can make less oily food recipes thus giving you a healthy eating.
  • With sandwich maker, you can get creative and try new recipes with vegetables, fruits, meat, egg, sea food and all other healthy fillings. You can give your kids and family who like to have different foods.
  • Unlike others, sandwich maker is less space consuming kitchen appliance. You can put it even in a small comfortable space anywhere in the kitchen.

Most Popular FAQ

Once you got your best sandwich maker, the following questions may arise. That’s why we have given the most popular FAQ’s along with answers to them. Have a look.

What Should I know Before I Use My Sandwich Maker For The First Time?

  • First, wipe clean the surface of the sandwich maker plate even though they are clean and unused.
  • Second, know about the fillings. Do not put the spreads or filling directly in the sandwich maker and use it only within the bread on top and bottom.
  • Don’t use any of the bread spreads or any cheese and sorts on the bread surface, as they may burn and damage the non-stick surface. Except very little of ghee/butter, oil and bread, no other items should touch the sandwich maker plates.

When Will I Know If The Sandwich Maker Is Ready For Use?

As soon as you plug the sandwich maker, the red indicator lights turn on. It will then heat itself to optimum temperature when it has reached the temperature the green light will turn on and alerts you to the fact that the sandwich maker is ready to use. Most of the best sandwich makers in India have the red and green indicator lights.

Can I Remove The Sandwich Plates?

Yes. You can. Almost all best types of sandwich makers come with this option. In fact, it is one of the most salient features to look for when buying a sandwich maker.

How To Remove The Finished Sandwiches From The Plates?

Best ways to remove the sandwiches from the plates is by using wooden or top-grade plastic utensils (like spatulas). Do not any cost use metallic, steel, iron sorts of utensils as they damage the plates and put the non-stick coating at risk.

How Can I Clean The Sandwich Maker?

 Never use any cleaning materials like soap or liquid or any sorts. Wipe it with a dry cloth or a thick tissue paper/soft sponge on the inside. You can use a damp cloth to clean outside.

  • To clean the plates on the inside preferably use dry cloth but if the sandwich maker is cooled off completely you can use a little damp cloth to clean the plates.
  • Make sure that the entire appliance is cooled off before you clean completely inside and outside.

How Can I Maintain The Sandwich Maker?

 Make sure that you wipe it dry without any food particles left behind before you place the next sandwich set. Always keep it dry and clean, both inside and outside.

  • If any issues regarding the plates, please do not try to remove it and see by yourself.
  • Do not put the fillings directly or apply too much oil/ghee/butter as it might damage the non-stick coating in the plates.
  • Do not place the sandwiches even before the plates are pre-heated.

Why Does The Preheat Lights Goes On And Off From Time To Time?

 It is quite normal, as during cooking the preheat lights go on and off. It indicates that the heating elements within the appliance are switched on and off to keep the sandwich maker at an optimal temperature for cooking.

Why Do I Get Smoke From The Sandwich Maker? 

  • The sandwich maker may give out smoke when you use it for the first time. It is normal.
  • If smoke comes out after you have used for preparing food few times, it may be because you might have left some food particles or any grease left on the plates. They tend to stick to the plates and get burn due to the heat and gives out smoke.
  • If you don’t find any of the above cause or even after cleaning the plates completely, still smoke comes out then switch off the sandwich maker immediately. Wait until it cools off and takes it to the authorized service centers.

Are satisfied with our buying guide on the best sandwich maker in India? Have you used any other sandwich maker that outperforms the ones given in the list? Drop your comments below.

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