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Best 10 Kitchen Chimney Brands In India 2020 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

best kitchen chimney in india

In India, we call them Kitchen Chimneys or commonly Chimneys. But the word chimney travels with many names around the world. In the UK it’s called Extractor Hood, in the US and Australia, they call it Range Hoods, and other names like Ventilation Hood, Cooking Canopy, Fume Extractor, Electric Chimneys. The chimneys are used in place to absorb smokes, fumes, odors, airborne grease droplets, and make the kitchen smoke free along with giving good ventilation. The nuances in selecting best kitchen chimney involve considering wide-ranging of features like the type of chimneys, the filters used, the functionality, ducting, hood types, kitchen spacing’s, selecting chimneys according to you gas stoves or hobs/countertops, ease of cleaning feature and the list goes on.

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Here at Best10reviews, we have given you a detailed explanation of everything you need to know in choosing the best kitchen chimney in India. Along with the brands and reviews are given.

Why Do We Need Kitchen Chimneys?

The chimneys are used in the kitchen above the gas stoves or countertops to absorb, filter, and remove smoke, odor, fumes, stains/residues leaving your kitchen smoke free along with good ventilation. Since the chimneys can be directly placed above gas stove/countertops, it makes the work easier in absorbing the soot and grimes, heavy grease/oils effectively unlike the exhaust fans.

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Which Is Better, The Kitchen Chimneys Or Exhaust Fans?

 Unlike chimneys, the exhaust fans are placed considerably high with more distance between them and gas stoves. Over time, exhaust fan leaves stains and residues along the sides of the wall. If they are fixed to the wall then it is very difficult to clean and maintain them. The main drawback is that the exhaust fans are very high up on the wall and if there is no cross-ventilation in the kitchen, then fresh air and exhaust air both will come and go in exhaust fan outlet making it an unsuitable option in the kitchen. Chimneys are better and easier to use, clean, maintain, and fix than exhaust fans.  Advanced versions of chimneys even have auto-cleaning features.

How Do The Kitchen Chimneys Work?

The present-day chimney has a hood-mounted directly over the gas stoves/ countertops Inside this chimney you can see a powerful fan that exhausts the burnt gases/smokes from the stove to outside through a piped duct. Sending the smoke directly from the gas stove to outside is a very effective method rather than a simple exhaust fan. All the burnt, exhaust gasses and oil fumes, masalas fumes are all sucked out immediately. Since the smokes, soot, and grime are exhausted out immediately, it makes you work comfortable. Furthermore for those with breathing difficulties immediate exhaustion of smoke by the chimneys is the best choice.

In order to make it clear and free of confusion, we have given detailed content about all the things you need to know before buying a good chimney for your kitchen. The below list will give you a clear-cut idea without any difficulty.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands In India

When it comes to the kitchen, there are many companies that are ruling the market. In kitchen chimneys, only a few companies are outperforming the reach by providing the appliance that both super functional and well decorative. The following  Companies are most popular in India.

  1. Elica
  2. Hindware
  3. Faber
  4. Glen
  5. Sunflame
  6. Seavy
  7. Prestige
  8. Pigeon
  9. Butterfly
  10. Kaff

Among all these brands, Elica, Hindware, and Faber are the best selling kitchen chimney brands in the Amazon, Flipkart, and your nearby stores. With every brand, we have given the review of the best products. Check it out.

 Things to Look For While Buying The Best Kitchen Chimney

Before choosing the best kitchen chimney for your home, take a look into the following essential & ‘must-consider ’features. These all are important and none to be skipped off. Consider the other additional features at the end of the review list, like auto clean chimney, auto heat sensor that makes your chimney look even cool and simpler.


Always choose chimneys in accordance with your kitchen size. A small spaced kitchen should be fitted with a compact and functional chimney. Do not choose according to the design or the latest trends.

Thumb Rule in Choosing the Chimney Size

Perfect Distance between your Cooktop and Chimney is anywhere between 65-75cms. (Not less than 65cms)

Chimney Hood >= The size of the Stove or Counter-tops.

2 or 4 burner stove –> 60 cm Kitchen Chimney

3 to 5 burner stove –>90 cm kitchen chimney

Low-Noise level

The good option is choosing a low-noise level or minimum noise-level motor inside the chimneys. Since the chimney works till you stop all you’re cooking, choosing a noise-less or min noise will be a better option.

Preferable Noise-levels are ±51 to ±61 Decibels.

Going for anything <=58 Decibels is a good number.


The air-flow constraint for a chimney decides how effectively it can clean and takes out the impurities and bring you fresh air. The total Max Air-flow determines the suction capacity of the chimneys and how good it works.

For a Max Air-Flow, the range should be 1000-1100 m^3/Hr

Anything less than this (i.e. 1000) will result in vibrations at a higher speed.

Suction Capacity

The chimney suction power directly refers to the chimney’s ability to refresh the air. It should be able to recycle the air at a rate of 10times/hour.

In order to find the required suction power for your kitchen, Measure the volume of the kitchen room

Multiply the volume of the room by 10.

Ex: If the kitchen volume is 40 cubic meters (LxBxH), then Suction power required = 40*10m i.e. 400m^3/hr

Normally a home with a smaller kitchen requires a suction capacity of 500 m3/hr to 650 m3/hr

whereas a home with a spacious kitchen requires between 650 m3/hr to 1000 m3/hr.


Choose according to your preference of whether you need ducting or you go for ductless/recycling. Any kind of ducting should be rigid and should be of a sturdy solid type because flexible ducts might reduce the extraction and bring performance issues. Mostly for Indian kitchens Ducting chimneys are more preferred.

Warranty/Guarantee/ Maintenance

Go for brands that offer a life-time warranty/guarantee on their motors or those which offer high premium warranty/guarantee for considerable years. Be specific in choosing chimneys along with filters and motors accordingly that they do not tend to complicate you by cleaning and servicing them often. A gap of cleaning with at least two-three months for filters will help you ease.

Blower/Motor Housing

The Housing of Chimney’s Motor is a typical factor that will not only increase the motor’s life but also decreases the noise level of the motor. The housing determines how efficient your motor sustains for a chimney. There are two variants of motor housing for a chimney

PDCA: The Motor is enclosed in a Pressure Die Cast Aluminum (PDCA) housing which gives more durability.

FRP: The Motor is enclosed within a Flame Retardant Plastic material.

A PDCA Housing i.e. Metal housing is best which ensures high durability and increased motor efficiency.


The choice of right filter improves the overall performance of the best kitchen chimney. If the filter is not appropriate or functions poorly, it results in low suction power and poses unclean air for the kitchen. Baffle filters are widely preferred and proved effective for all sorts of the kitchen.  Complete detail about the filters is given below in the buyer’s guide.

With the above constraints and factors into consideration, we at Best10reviews have listed our Best Kitchen Chimneys for you. Take a look at our list.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney In India

1.Elica Kitchen Chimney Osb Hac Touch BF Nero 60 cm

ELICA and their range of chimneys come with style, function, compactness, and most importantly very efficient. It is the more reputable and stylish kitchen chimney,  gas stove brand. The ELICA OSB HAC TOUCH BF NERO range is a complete package for a smoke-free & Hassle-free kitchen. The OSB HAC TOUCH BF NERO comes in a compact and touch-control panel design with Heat Auto Clean technology, which makes use of heating element to get rid of sticky oil/grease and collects them into the dedicated oil-drip collector for easy working.

LED lamps with 3 Watt power is an additional design feature which gives you perfect lighting to cook in ease. Good power efficiency and Max Air-Flow features are a great plus. On the whole, ELICA OSB HAC TOUCH BF NERO is a sleek stylish and functional member when it comes to chimney ranges. It gives a 5-year warranty on motor and 1-year warranty on the product.

best kitchen chimney in india

<strong>Check Price On Amazon</strong> Check Price On Amazon

Design Specs

Brand Elica
Size 90 cm
Suction Capacity 1200 m^3/hr
Filter Baffle Filter (Stainless Steel)

Additional Features

  • Heat Auto-Clean Technology for kitchen
  • In-built oil collector
  • Premium stylish black finish
  • Touch-Control Panels Compact Design

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Elica Kitchen Chimney 60 cm 1100 M3/H (ESCG BF 60 Nero, Black)

2.Hindware Nevio 90 (Color: Silver/Grey)

Hindware Nevio 90 comes with a stunning steel finish with energy efficient 2 LED lamps. The advanced Thermal Auto-clean technology ensures complete cleansing of oil or residues from the chimneys in just one touch. Stainless steel baffle filters give you maximum airflow and guarantee clean air by forcing all heavy stuff to drain out completely. The Hindware Nevio 90 is loaded with a powerful metallic blower that gives high efficiency to motors and maintains good suction capacity.

Dedicated Oil-collector cup ensures to draw off even small traces of any forms of soot and grime, while it can be taken out once in a month to clean and re-attach. With many indispensable features for a chimney, the Hindware Nevio 90 can be a good option to consider in buying the best chimney for your kitchen. Hindware offers a 5-year warranty on motor and 1-year warranty on the product.


best kitchen chimney in india

<strong>Check Price On Amazon</strong> Check Price On Amazon

Design Specs

Brand Hindware
Size 90cm
Suction Capacity 1200m^3/hr
Filter Baffle Filter (Stainless Steel)

Additional Features

  • Thermal Auto-Clean Technology
  • In-built Oil collector.
  • One-Touch Controls
  • Premium Stainless Steel finish
  • 3 Speed levels as per cooking needs

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Hindware 60 cm 1000 m3/h Chimney (Blaze SS 60, Steel/Grey)

 3.Faber Feel Plus 3D T2S2 BK TC LTW

The Faber Feel Plus 3D T2S2 BK LTW is the world’s only chimney with a 3-way suction facility for the comfort of diverse kitchens. The chimney comes with best in class features like an auto-clean chimney for kitchen, Triangle/Tornadic silent suction, triple-layer stainless steel baffle filters and 3-Way Suct On making it a predominant choice to consider. The Pushbutton panels and LED lights offer style plus functionality. The Faber Hoods comes with powerful and durable motors for suction efficiency and long-time use without any performance issues. The Faber comes with a SIL-K (Silence-Key) technology that makes your kitchen 16 times quieter.

The sound emission from the diffuser and filters are almost eliminated for a calm cooking environment. Their 3-layer baffle filters are a patented technology that has Cut & Chop technology that separates oils, water vapors, spices from the smoke and collects them in stainless steel strips to extract odor efficiently. The Faber claims to offer 25% high suction area and 15% better grease reduction. On the whole, the Faber Feel Plus 3D T2S2 BK TC LTW range comes with more benefits and good functionality and working, which can definitely top the list of selecting a good chimney for your home. This best kitchen chimney in India offers 12-year warranty on m and motor year warranty on the product.

best kitchen chimney brands

<strong>Check Price On Amazon</strong> Check Price On Amazon

Design Specs

Brand Faber
Size 60 cm
Suction Capacity 1095 m^3/hr
Filter 3-Layer Baffle Filter (Stainless Steel)

Additional Features 

  • Auto-clean function.
  • Stylish Black + Curve glass finish.
  • IMQ, NEMKO, UL, CQC quality certificates.
  • 3+1 No. of speeds
  • Touch control panels
  • SIL-K technology

4.Glen Designer Chimney 6075 SS BF Steel

 The Glenn 6075 is a bold classic hood cast chimney made with premium quality matt steel. The Glen 6075 model comes with a powerful copper Italian motor with Thermal Overload Protector- TOP that switches off in case of excessive heat. This feature enables you to have a safe and functional usage of the chimney. The stainless steel baffle filters give dynamic airflow and efficient suction power with ease of cleaning. The chimney has 40 watt powerful lamps for good lighting while cooking along with three push-button controls that let you select the speed and hob lights.

The Motor housing and fan are made up of FRP- Flame Retardant Plastic for utmost safety and low-noise besides smooth movement. All wires are made of FRP and copper to give you maximum safety and long life. On the whole, the glen 6075 offers a combo of practical and functional design elements, subtle matt finish the look, dynamic air-flow with great suction, well-placed push buttons, and everything that yields the best kitchen chimney. It offers a 1-year warranty on the product and 5 years on motor.

best chimney in india

<strong>Check Price On Amazon</strong> Check Price On Amazon

Design Specs

Brand Glen
Size 60 cm
Suction Capacity  750 m^3/hr
Filter  Baffle Filter (Stainless Steel)
Motor Housing FRP – Flame Retardant Plastic

Additional Features

  • Copper Italian Motor with Thermal Overload Protector (TOP)
  • Flame Retardant Plastic housing
  • Elegant push-button controls
  • Stainless Steel matt finish.

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5.Sunflame CH Rapid 90 DX Auto Clean, Grey

The Sunflame CH Rapid comes in a stylish steel and black finish. The CH Rapid comes with a stainless steel high-performance baffle filter along with a charcoal filter to effectively remove even traces of impurities. The Auto-clean enables the chimney to do all the work of cleaning and removing dust, oils, grease, grimes even to a small extent leaving you to minimal work. You can just clean by removing the oil-collector once in a month and put it back.

This Sunflame CH Rapid offers more functional and hassle-free cooking options. To the point, on the whole, the Sunflame CH Rapid is a good choice to consider before selecting the best chimneys for your kitchen within a reasonable price range. Sunflame offers a 1-year warranty on product and 5-year warranty on the motor.

best kitchen chimney

<strong>Check Price On Amazon</strong> Check Price On Amazon

Design Specs

Brand Sunflame
Size 90 cm
Suction Capacity 1100 m^3/hr
Filter Baffle Filter + Charcoal Filter

Additional Features

  • Heat based Auto-clean system
  • Baffle and charcoal filters
  • Stylish Stainless Steel and Glass finish
  • Feather touch controls

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Apart from providing the chimney with hood, Sunflame also provides flat chimney.

Sunflame 60 cm 500 cm3/m Chimney (CH Slim 60 BK CF, Black

6.Seavy Prime 1200 M3/H 60cm with Heat Auto Clean Technology

The Seavy’s range of kitchen chimneys is designed mainly with the perspective of giving you budget-friendly options along with the inclusion of all essential features for a good chimney. Prime from Seavy is a blend of elegance and functionality with a durable stainless steel build and Heat Auto-clean technology which eliminates the hassle of manual clean-up and maintenance.

The powerful motor with the suction capacity of 1200m^3/hr works even all day long and gives you fresh air thereby removing all soot and grime and hard substances. Thus making it, one of the best kitchen chimneys in India.  Additional Soft-touch panels, Baffle filters with detachable oil-collectors, easy mounting of the chimney hood is some of the features that make the Seavy Prime chimney a good choice to take up. Seavy comes with a 7-year lifetime warranty.

kitchen chimney brands

<strong>Check Price On Amazon</strong> Check Price On Amazon

Design Specs

Brand Seavy
Size 60 cm
Suction Capacity 1200 m^3/hr
Filter Baffle Filter (SS)

Additional Features

  • Auto Clean system
  • An elegant Stainless Steel build.
  • Touch panel for easy to operate.
  • 3-speed controls
  • SS oil cup collector.

7.Prestige AKH 600 CB-B SERIES Wall Mounted Chimney (Stainless Steel 850 CMH)

 Prestige, without a doubt, is a prime trusted brand across all Indian Households. So when it comes to kitchen chimney brands, it’s not an exception. Their range of kitchen hoods is designed to suit your kitchen needs offering a modern solution. The AKH 600 CB-B series comes in a stylish high-quality heat resistant tempered glass for the canopy and a shatter-proof front panel. The U-Section is made up of high-quality mirror-finish that covers the suction pipe and housing. Feather touch controls with digital display add a stylish modern touch.

The turbo suction capacity of 850m^3/hr eliminates odors, stains, grime without any difficulty. The kitchen hood is fitted with stainless steel Baffle filters for maximum airflow and noise-free working. Overall, the prestige AKH 600 CB-B has all the stand-out features and efficient chimney functions you need to have good kitchen experience. The Prestige AKH CB-B series is a top option in drawing the best kitchen chimney list for you. Prestige, the best chimney brands offer a 2 years warranty on product and lifetime warranty on the motor.

best chimney in india

<strong>Check Price On Flipkart</strong> Check Price On Flipkart

Design Specs

Brand Prestige
Size 60 cm
Suction Capacity 850 m^3/hr
Filter Baffle Filter

Additional Features

  • High-quality heat resistant tempered glass
  • Auto-cleaning by hot steam
  • SS body with brushed steel finish
  • 6 feather touch buttons and 3-speed controls.
  • Digital display

8.Pigeon Sterling DLX Wall Mounted Chimney  (Silver 860 CMH)

The Pigeon range of electric chimneys comes with a superior air filtering and impurity cleaning mechanisms. The Sterling DLX comes with a decorative and stylish stainless steel glass finish. The high performance baffle filters offer maximum air flow and suction of 860m^3/hr ensuring clean kitchen that is free of impurities. The pigeon DLX is budget friendly and same time it has all the needed features to look for in buying the best chimney. It offers 7 years life time warranty.

kitchen chimney brands

 <strong>Check Price On Flipkart</strong> Check Price On Flipkart

Design Specs

Brand Pigeon
Size 60 cm
Suction Capacity 860m^3hr
Filter Baffle filter
Ducting Ducted

Additional Features

  • Stainless steel finish
  • Push button controls
  • Low noise level – 56dB

9.Butterfly Superb Plus Electric Chimney (Silver)

 The brand Butterfly is a preferable major kitchen appliance brand in Indian households for their quality and performance. The Butterfly Superb electric chimney is no exception. This budget-friendly chimney comes with a stylish LCD display that adds a design touch. The baffle filters work at a suction capacity of 1000m^3/hr offering complete and efficient air and impurities cleaning.

Detachable oil-collector with auto clean chimney for kitchen gives you stress- free maintenance. The Butterfly Superb offers a low-noise level of <58 decibels to give you a calm cooking process. With all the necessary features, the Butterfly Superb is definitely the best choice in chimneys for you to consider. It offers a 1-year warranty on product and lifetime warranty on the motor.

kitchen chimney brands

Check Price

Design Specs

Brand Butterfly
Size 60 cm
Suction Capacity 1000 m^3/hr
Filter 2 Baffle filters (SS)
Ducting Detachable exhaust pipe (1.8 m length)

 Additional Features

  • Stainless-steel finish
  • Copper power cord (1.5m length)
  • LCD display
  • 3-speed control
  • Detachable oil-collector

10.Kaff RAY 60 Wall Mounted Chimney

Last but not least in the list of best kitchen chimney brands is Kaff. It does not need any introduction. They are known for their stylish chimney hoods created with perfection to keep your kitchen smoke, oil, odor-free with ease. The RAY 60 hood offers a powerful suction of 1180m^3/hr and comes with stylish touch control and LED lights for easy use. The front black glass and a low noise-level hood make value addition to your kitchen. The 8mm curved tempered glass gives a stunning sleek design touch to the kitchen. The Aluminum and Baffle filters offer precise cleaning and maintenance is minimal. On the whole, the Kaff RAY 60 is a compact, functional, and stylish addition for your selection of best chimneys.

best kitchen chimney

<strong>Check Price On Flipkart</strong> Check Price On Flipkart

Design Specs

Brand Kaff
Size 60 cm
Suction Capacity 1000 m^3/hr
Filter  Baffle Filter (anodized aluminum)

Additional Features

  • 8mm curved tempered glass, matt black finish.
  • Front panel black glass
  • Touch controls and LED lights.
  • 3-speed controls.

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The above lists in detail will constitute the best kitchen chimneys based on various user-friendly and budget-friendly criteria.

Buyer’s Guide To Choose The Best Kitchen Chimney

Before knowing the additional features get to know the factors such as ducting/ ductless chimney, types of chimney and types of hoods available. It will help you to choose the best kitchen chimney.

   Categories of Kitchen Chimneys

  • Ducting
  • Ductless/Recycling

Types of Kitchen Chimneys

  • Wall Mounted
  • Island/Ceiling Mounted
  • Built-In
  • Corner

Types of Hoods in Kitchen Chimneys

  • Wall Canopy
  • Downdraft Chimney
  • Island Canopy
  • Built-In/Integrated Hood

In detail let us see them one by one

Categories of Kitchen Chimneys

The first question when it comes to fitting the kitchen chimney is ‘whether you want to duct it or go ductless’. It is an important part of the installation of chimneys and determines their quality. Every Kitchen Chimneys can be classified primarily under Ducting and Ductless chimneys.


The Ducted chimneys pull the air/smoke upwards and stop the heavy particles like grease or spices via the filters. It completely exhausts and expels the smoke/fumes/bad odor from the kitchen via pipes (mostly PVC). The Ducting costs more but it’s very effective in cleaning the kitchen air.


The Recycling/Ductless chimneys have a fan or blower and motor. It absorbs the smoke/air from the kitchen and passes them through the filters where the grease, bad odor, heavy particles are trapped. The air then passes through the Charcoal filter which absorbs the heat, smoke and bad smell. The cooled and purified air is circulated back into the kitchen. Since a kitchen needs fresh air and ventilation, recycled air via ductless/recycling is not a go to option.

Ducting facility gives you good ventilation and good exhaustion properly. Fresh air is essential rather than recycled air. So when choosing the best kitchen chimney, go with Ducting option.

Types of Kitchen Chimneys

The most preferred and popular chimneys for the Indian households ( of all the kitchen chimney brands) are electric chimneys. Based on their installation i.e., where they can be placed/fitted in the kitchen, the electric chimneys can be categorized by the following types.

Wall-Mounted Chimneys

  • Wall mounted chimneys are widely used/preferred model.
  • They are fitted against the wall right above where the gas stove is placed and works well in exhausting.
  • They can fit-in very well in a normal kitchen space to that of modular kitchen space.
  • The wall-mount is the best suitable design for a traditional Indian household.
  • They are budget friendly when compared to island chimneys.

Island/Ceiling Mounted Chimneys

  • The island chimneys are those which are mounted from the wall in the center (middle) of the kitchen.
  • Mostly ideal for the modular kitchen with cooking center i.e. where gas stove/countertops/hobs are placed or installed in the middle of the kitchen separately from other kitchen utility spaces.
  • Not recommended for normal Indian kitchen household.
  • Highly expensive.
  • Depending on the kitchen design, position of hobs/countertops, kitchen space, the island chimneys might require a lot of ducting for exhausting.

Built-in Chimneys

  • Ideal for people who give at-most importance to kitchen aesthetics and interior design.
  • In built-in chimneys, the hood is directly fitted below the wall unit so that the extra parts cannot be seen.
  • Suitable for modular kitchens. Not for a normal Indian kitchen.
  • Requires additional work to hide the chimney’s extra parts.
  • Highly expensive.

Corner Chimneys

  • They are placed in the corner areas of the kitchen just above the stove/counter top against the wall.
  • They tend to create more performance issues and difficulties.
  • It’s not usually preferred by the users. 

Wall-Mounted chimneys are very ideal for Indian households. If you are searching to find the best kitchen chimney in India, go with wall mounted one. They can fit in well with normal to modular kitchens.

Types of Kitchen Chimney Hoods

In recent times, the importance given to selecting the kitchen chimney hoods is gaining considerably. Since the hoods are like a final touch to a kitchen chimney, the factors like hood material, style, design, ease of fitting and selecting the hoods accordingly to the types of kitchen interior are being looked on. All the hoods are suitable for both ducting and ductless/recycling.

Wall Canopy: They are the most common and widely used hoods. They are fixed on the wall and hood is directly above the gas stove/counter top hobs. It comes in various design and styles and materials (like SS).

Island Canopy: It is mainly for the Island Chimneys. It comes in sleek designs and style. It will be an ideal choice for modular kitchens or western styled kitchens.

Downdraft Chimneys: It comes with a facility to pop out and retract. The push buttons that are present allows the hood to pop out when cooking and then can be retracted when all works get over. It is pricey when compared with other types of hoods.

Built-in/Integrated: You can conceal or hide from the plain view of the kitchen with woodworks. It is for those who importance to kitchen designs and interiors.

Different Hood designs like T-Shaped, Cylindrical, Inclined, Pyramid and Glass hoods are available, you can choose from it according to your kitchen designs and preference.

Other important Features to look after while buying Kitchen Chimneys

Kitchen Chimney Filters

A quintessential feature to look for in buying best kitchen chimneys are the filters. They filter almost everything small to that of heavy grease, oil particles, spices and other powders airborne and are typically the first step in getting a clean air via chimneys. Selecting the chimneys based on filters is a must. With respect to basis of materials, structure, filtering process/method, the kitchen chimney filters fall majorly under

  • Baffle Filters
  • Mesh/Cassette Filters
  • Carbon/Charcoal Filters

Baffle Filters

Made of : The baffle filters are typically manufactured from aluminum, Stainless Steel or mild steel.

best kitchen chimney in indiaThe baffle filters function by forcing the high greasy/oily air to quickly and constantly change direction as it rises through the filter. Since, the heavy oily particles, grease and stuff can’t change the direction as quickly as the air carrying them in the filter, they practically wind up condensing in the metal blades and then subsequently drains themselves into the filter/oil-collector tray.



  • Since the grease/heavy particles are filtered into a tray, there will be no particles or buildups to hinder airflow and function over time.
  • Improved air flow due to multiple baffles of filters.
  • Does not affect suction capacity.
  • Low maintenance – cleaning once in two to three months is sufficient.
  • Best for Indian cooking
  • Easy to find

Mesh/Cassette Filters

Made of :  The filters are made of several layers of Stainless Steel or fine metal (aluminum) mesh that is stacked on top of each other.

best chimney in indiaThe fumes, smoke, oil/greasy particles are forced through and gradually filtered in the mesh. The grease and stuff are channeled towards the filter which passes through the mesh layers where all the heavy stuff are screened by them. The tight mesh filters will trap all the heavy particles thereby allowing the smoke to escape. However, due to the tight nature of the mesh, grease tends to get stuck with the filter and the chances of clogging are high. It needs careful and good maintenance from time to time or often in order to work effectively.


  • Low cost compared with the baffle filters
  • We can’t easily clean the mesh filters. We need to replace them after a few months of usage.

Carbon/Charcoal Filters

Made of : The filters are made of charcoal granules.

best kitchen chimney in indiaThe charcoal filters are used along with either a mesh or a Baffle filter. The filters are mainly used for odor absorption. It can be used with ducted or ductless chimneys. The heavy greasy, spicy and oily residues and any other particles get absorbed by the Charcoal or Carbon granules in addition to sucking out bad odor from the kitchen. The charcoal/carbon filters do not come built-in. It can be bought and attached with extra cost.



  • Optional filter to be included based on your personal preference
  • Needs low maintenance (periodical replacement once in three to five months)
Baffle Filters are the best for Indian kitchen households be it a humble to modular kitchens. Gives the best cleaning and low maintenance. It does not affect any performance issues of the chimney.

Stand-Out Features to Look For

In buying best chimneys for your kitchen, selecting the chimney types along with other criteria is needed. But you should also take a look into considering certain advanced features which are made to ease your work and let the chimney function smart.

Filter-Warning Feature

The Filter-warning feature automatically senses and sends out a warning when the filters (especially charcoal filter) need to be changed. It’s one of the best kitchen chimney brand’s available feature.

Auto-Clean Chimneys

To ease your work you can go for Auto-clean chimneys. The coil that surrounds the chimney motor heats up and liquidizes the oil and it gets collected in the oil-drip collector (detachable). It can be taken out and cleaned once in a month. The Auto-Clean chimneys facilitate low maintenance and hassle free cleaning routines. The turbine blower liquidizes the oil, impurities and hence leaves no residues to clog and does not affect the chimney efficiency.

Auto-clean chimneys are a great advantage than normal chimneys. Features like Detachable oil collector, no interference in chimney working, no clogging, low maintenance, good suction power are a plus.

Auto-Heat Sensor

Upon sensing/detecting more flames, extreme heat, too much smoke or oil particles this feature automatically activates the Hood.


The Chimney Hood stays running for a certain amount (min duration) of time to clear smoke and odor after you are done with cooking.


It is an additional feature that comes perfect for getting rid of smoke after an intense/deep frying session.

Remote Control

This feature comes in handy when you like to control the chimney from a certain distance at your comfort or if you don’t want to reach the main controls and work with it often.

Indicators/Controls/Push buttons

Push buttons or chimney controls with stylish LED lights and soft touch will add style and functionality. Almost all recent kitchen chimneys come with LED lightings and indicator lights for ease of use. Soft-touch Electronic controls, LED push buttons, Slider controls, digital display, speed settings are few of advanced features in chimneys to look out.


Recent chimneys come with LED lights/lamps. Advanced feature like the LED lamps (with minimum watts like 2x2W) can add a functional feature along with design factor.

Selecting and fitting chimneys in your kitchen doesn’t limit your work. There are certain things that you should do and should not do in order to maintain a good life, good motor performance and the overall functioning of your chimneys.

When Kitchen chimneys are installed, it will remove the odor and oiliness from your kitchen plus it is the best decorative item to install in your kitchen too. So to enjoy its full benefits, choose the best kitchen chimney from the reputable brands in India.



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Here we provide you the best 10 reviews of products by considering all the useful factors. It's not supported by any brand. Best10reviews is a participant of means when you click on the product to buy we will get a small commission without affecting you even a bit.

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