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Top 10 Best Cold Press & Centrifugal Juicers In India

best juicer in India

Top 10 Best Centrifugal Juicers in India

Why  Do We Recommend Centrifugal Juicer For You?

We already recommended the cold press juicers for you. But now we are going to talk about the Centrifugal Juicers.Here is the reason why.

  • Pricing is the main constraint that we took into consideration here for you. it’s not easy for everyone to afford a high quality cold-press masticating juicer
  • Indian homes are always in a hurry in the morning. With working parent, the time runs in a jiffy. During those rush hours, best option would be centrifugal juicers for you. Just cut the fruits/veggies, add them, and juice them. Whereas when it comes to cold press juicing you need some time and you need to wait.
  • We know how Indian homes and breakfasts are. We don’t stop with one. A multipurpose juicer with functions to grind could be added advantage for you.
  • Centrifugal juicing is not as bad as we think or hear. As soon as you consume the juice, all is good even the cold-press juice included.
  • Centrifugal juicers and multi-purpose juicers are the best options to choose considering the price ranges.

Now let’s see the top 10 best centrifugal juicer reviews.

1.Sujatha Powermatic Plus with Mixer Grinder – Best Centrifugal Juicer In India

Sujatha Powermatic plus is the best heavy-duty juicer that your money can buy. It’s sturdy, reliable and good functioning juicer that is perfect for all the juicing needs you have for your family plus it comes with the free best mixer Grinder. So, getting this combo will offer a benefit of both, juicer +mixer grinder. That’s why it is added as the top in our list.


  • Juicer comes with a honeycomb mesh filter for finer juice
  • High speed 22000RPM retains original flavor and aroma of the juices and smoothies you prepare
  • Suitable for continuous longer use even more than fifteen minutes or high
  • High strength premium quality stainless steel blade ensures finer cutting of vegetables and fruits
  • The juicer jar is transparent and unbreakable which fits your frequent hard kitchen usage
  • Best centrifugal juicer comes with a shock-proof body to ensure safety
  • Completely low maintenance for you
  • Trouble free running for years is guaranteed due to efficient ball-bearing double motor

best centrifugal juicer

best centrifugal juicer reviews

Suitable for heavy duty, Sujatha Powermatic plus is a best juicer you can bet your money on. Considering the tough motor, sturdy design, high yield juicing and decent price range, Sujatha Powermatic is worth considering for best juicers available in India.

2.Prestige Centrifugal Juicier PCJ 8.0

Prestige is a trusted band and needs no introduction. The PCJ 8.0 is a best in class centrifugal juicer with functional features. It’s designed to save your space, power, and time for you. Specialty is the juicer has a wide-mouth. You can add whole fruit or semi cut fruits and vegetables. Like a cold-press juicer, this PCJ 8.0 comes with separate pulp-collector.


  • Separate Pulp Collector and Juice Collector
  • The matted stainless steel exterior gives a premium finish
  • Advanced stainless steel sieve gives you more juice with minimum waste
  • Juicer comes with dual locking system to ensure safety
  • It has thermal overload protection feature to ensure safety. The feature protects against overheating and overloading
  • It’s the best juicer for carrots and beets in India
  • Juicer has a rotary switch. You can work with 2 variable speed control functions to suit your juicing need

best centrifugal juicer

centrifugal juice extractor

Instead of usual juicers you see, Prestige Centrifugal Juicer PCJ 8.0 is a different choice for you. The sleek, stylish and premium finish makes it even more attractive.

3.Prestige PCJ 7.0 Centrifugal Juicer

With an affordable price range, the prestige PCJ 7.0 500-watt centrifugal juicer is a complete juicer for your family needs. There’s no doubt in it. It’s designed to extract the juice effortlessly without any change in flavor and aroma. Large capacity of fruits and vegetables can be added to increase your juice servings. It’s a prefect juicer for your family with an affordable price range.


  • Dual locking systems ensures safety while juicing and also after.
  • Anti-Drip Feature will make your kitchen countertop clean amidst all the juicing.
  • Extra wide mouth enables you to add whole fruits and semi-cut fruits. This best whole fruit juicer will be more useful in taking juice from hard fruits like carrots, beetroots and veggies with ease.
  • Rotary switch gives different juicing speeds for you.
  • Advanced sieve makes you get more juice and less pulp wastage.
  • Super sharp blades ensure finely crushed fruits and vegetables. It guarantees more juice instead of more pulp leftovers.
  • The ABS plastic and Stainless-steel body is durable and made of high-quality premium food grade.
  • Anti-Skid and Vacuum feet ensure proper no dislocation of juicers while you juice. It ensures safety too.
  • Detachable power cord makes it easy for you to store.
  • Maintenance and cleaning is easy for you

best juicer in India

best centrifugal juicer

The Prestige PCJ 7.0 is a complete efficient juicer and our top pick among best centrifugal juicers available for us in India. Don’t give second thoughts. Go for it.

4.Philips VIVA Collection HR1863/20

The VIVA collection juicers from Philips are quite a catch. With multiple features including 2L of juicing in one go, this centrifugal juicer is worth considering in your choice.


  • Pre-Clean function helps you in cleaning unwanted fibers and residues. Philips HR1863/20 is India’s first and best centrifugal juicer with this Pre-Clean Feature.
  • Juicer’s round shape and smooth surfaces will facilitate easy rinsing under the tap water.
  • Quick clean technology makes you clean the juicer in just a minute. Just pour water in the pusher. You can create a water fountain in the juicer appliance. It thoroughly rinses away unwanted fibers from the lid and everywhere.
  • Quick clean sieve is a really cool feature. It is designed to help you wipe away the fibers with a normal clean kitchen sponge.
  • You can make 2 liters of juice on the go at once.
  • The XL feeding tube will help you in juicing the whole fruits and even big sized semi-cut fruits

best centrifugal juicer

best centrifugal juicer pros and cons

If you don’t have the budget for a cold-press juicer, then choose this Philips Centrifugal HR1863/20 for your juicing. The juicer is sturdy, and within the price range of below INR 10,000.

5.Bajaj Majesty JEX 16 Full Apple Juicer Black

Bajaj is one of the best juicer company in India with the branding trust. It’s another stylish juicer with wonderful juicing features for you. As the name implies it’s the whole-apple juicer. So you can put any fruit with big junk up to an apple size. It’s designed to make your work in the kitchen easier. Plus, you get maximum benefits from the juicing.


  • 2 speed controls allow you to customize the speed according to your juicing needs.
  • Stainless steel super finish filter mesh has dual lock. It makes the juice extraction perfectly without waste.
  • Powerful motor enables you to get good extraction plus saves energy.
  • The centrifugal juicer comes with dual lock safety mechanism.
  • Another aesthetic feature is the LED light display in the Bajaj JEX Juicer. It gives a stylish look to the juicer.
  • The juice collector comes with 1L capacity. It makes your work easier while you have more serving needs.
  • The juicer comes with lots of accessories for your convenience.
  • Removable and Water-Washable parts make your cleaning easier.

centrifugal juice extractor

best juicer in India

Within a price range of 5000 Rupees , Bajaj Majesty JEX 16 is a best juicer with all essential features for you.

6.Rico Juicers Electric Automatic

Rico Juicers are designed to meet our convenience, functionality and quality. The juicer is durable and comes with a powerful motor for good performance. Compact design, good performance and quality ensure that you will feel your money’s worth.


  • Durable long lasting body made of strong plastic is resistant to breakage and accidental drops.
  • The juicer comes with anti-skid vacuum feet that offers steady placement while juicing.
  • Strength and durability ensures long lasting life for this juicer.
  • The dripping stop feature prevents residual inconveniences for you while juicing.
  • Powerful motor with double ball bearings makes it easy for continuous juicing with more fruits or veggies.

best centrifugal juicer

best juicer in india

Overall, the Rico Juicers Electric is a compact kitchen friendly juicer that you can check out.

7.Borosil Primus BJU50SSB11

Borosil Primus is an elegant, lightweight, compact and stylish juicer for your kitchen. It is the best juicer for home use. Juicer comes with a large feeding tube that allows you to add whole fruits and vegetables. Plus, it works well even fruits and vegetables are semi-cut. It’s got everything you need in a good centrifugal juicer.


  • Handle locking system for easy safety and handling.
  • Easy to clean detachable parts.
  • Juicer comes with dual switch for safety.
  • Borosil primus gives different speeding switches to work with your convenience.
  • Anti-Drip juice nozzle prevents leakages, dripping and water flowing inconveniences while juicing.
  • Juicer comes with overload protector.
  • The overall design is really compact and light weight. It makes it easy for storage.
  • With wide mouth, you can add more fruits and do juicing easily.

best juicer machine

best juicer machine

8.Inalsa Juiceit Neo Juice Extractor

With complete juicing features, the Inalsa Juiceit Neo is worth your consideration if you are looking for some of the best juicers in India.


  • Non slippery rubber feet in the juicer ensure safety and comfort while juicing in the kitchen.
  • Juicer comes with an overload protector to ensure your safety.
  • Juicer also comes with 2 speed settings to match your juicing convenience.
  • Safety clamps ensure that the juicer doesn’t move while juicing. In addition, the clamps ensure user safety too.
  • The overall stainless steel and black finish gives the juicier a premium finish.
  • Pulp collector comes with capacity of 1.3L.

best centrifugal juicer

best juicer in india

Inalsa Juiceit Neo Centrifugal Juicer comes with all necessary features for your juicing needs. It’s got some mixed review from users. Yet, you can check it out and see how it is for you in your list of best juicers.

9.Usha JC 3240 Juicer

With the brand trust and excellent juicing features, the USHA JC3204 is worth looking to. You can get effortless juicing with the wide feeder tube facility. The 100% copper motor is another mentionable feature. It helps in heavy juicing of hard fruits, and vegetables.


  • You have over-heat protector for safety of users.
  • The juicer is equipped with stainless steel juicing mesh for complete juice extraction from the pulp.
  • Anti-Drip sprout helps is easy cleaning and maintenance while you are juicing.
  • The pulp container can hold upto 1.2L. It’s large and makes your work easier, you don’t have to keep cleaning the pulp frequently while juicing.
  • This centrifugal juicer will not operate unless all the parts are properly fitted. It ensures safety for the user.

best juicer in India

Pros and cons of best jucer Usha JC 3240

10.Philips HL1631 Juicer Mixer Grinder

Philips HL1631 is a multipurpose juicer for you. It’s good in juicing hard and soft fruits with ease.


  • The Philips HL1631 comes with a juicing jar and a blender jar for you.
  • The multipurpose jar comes in handy for all your juicing, mixing, grinding and blending needs. It’s an all in one juicer for you.
  • Automatic shutoff feature allows safety for you.
  • The capacity of blender and juicer jar comes around 1.5L and 1L. it’s good to make many servings of juice at once.
  • The juicer comes with a reverse spiral sieve. You can extract maximum juice.
  • The unique micro mesh filter makes your work easier in extracting juice to the last drop.
  • The centrifugal juicer methods works wonderfully for hard fruits and vegetables.
  • Juicer comes with a fruit filter with which you can separate the fruit for seeds and skin.

best juicer

pros and cons of best juicer

Overall, Philips HL1631 is a multipurpose juicer for you. The juicer is apt for juicing, grinding, mixing and pureeing. So, if you are looking for a good multipurpose centrifugal juicer covering all kitchen needs, go for this Philips HL1631.

So now you decide which juicer is best for you. If you are an office going mom, choose the centrifugal juicer or if health is more important for you, choose the cold press juicer. The above listed are some of the best products in our Indian market right now. Try it and let us know your questions. Given below are some of the frequently asked questions that may run inside your head too 🙂 Check it out!.

 Some FAQS

Buying At Online or At Show Room - Which One Is The Best For You ?

Online Rates and the Showroom Rates for juicers will be drastically different. Online rates are far cheaper when compared to prices mentioned in their official site.

• Electronic appliances are usually given to us at a less price compared to the MRP mentioned in the package or in their official online site. So, always look for it. Compare the prices with the online rate

• Wait for a good deal before buying any best juicer in India.

When To Choose Centrifugal Juicer?

  Go for a centrifugal juicer if

  • If you are trying to save some money.
  • If you are not that meticulous about having all nutrients, and vitamins.
  • If you will consume the juice immediately, go for centrifugal. Else, if you like to juice it and have it on the go, the cold-press juicer is the best choice. Because, after a few minutes the juice and pulp separate on using a speed centrifugal juicer. With cold press masticating juicer, the juice stays fresh and flavorful longer.
  • If you do juice for your cooking, baking, and then you can go for this normal centrifugal juicer.

When To Choose Cold Press Juicer?

Choose cold-press juicer if

  • If you are highly health conscious.
  • If you are into a vegan diet involving nut-milks, or plant-based diets Cold press juicer is the best choice.
  • If you like maximum juice extraction, then this is the right choice.
  • Similarly, if you are into making green juices, juice mixes, detox juice cleansing, then there is no better choice than a cold-press juicer.
  • If you are juice or smoothie person in the morning, go for cold press juicer without second thoughts.
  • If you like to have more flavorful and nutrient-rich juices for breakfast, then a masticating juicer is the best pick.
  • If you don’t mind spending money for a juicer, then buy the multi-functional cold press masticating juicers.

Why Cold Press Juicer Is Better Than Centrifugal Juicer?

 Intact Nutrients, vitamins, and flavors are the main reason why cold press juicer is preferred. A centrifugal juicer uses a fast-spinning metal blade for the juicer. It generates speed and heat that breaks down some essential enzymes in the fruits and vegetables. The heat tends to oxidize the nutrients too. In the end, you get a less-nutritious juice than a cold press juicer.

  • Cold press juice involves gentle crushing and squeezing. It ensures that the vital enzymes, nutrients, and minerals don’t break.
  • Based on different studies, it’s concluded that cold-press juice retains double the nutrients when compared to a centrifugal juicer.

What Is the Shelf-Life Of Juices With Cold Press and Centrifugal Juicers?

 With a cold-press juicer, your juice will have less-waste, longer shelf-life, and good flavor retention. With a centrifugal juicer, the juice and pulp separate quickly making the juice not suitable to drink fresh.

Can I Use Hard Fruits And Vegetables On A Cold-Press Juicer?

Yes. With a wide auger cold-press juicer, you can easily put a whole apple there to get the neatly pressed clean juice. Make sure, you read the tech specifications, particularly the auger size and auger material.

Can I Use Cold-Press Juicer For Making Clean Beetroot And Carrot Juice?

  You can easily use hard fruits like carrots and beetroots in a cold-press juicer. The pulp will be separated, and you can get the clean juice. But it takes more time when compared to juicing carrots, beets through the centrifugal juicer. The reason is you have to send the carrots and beets a few after a few. Not all at once. With a centrifugal juicer, you can cut them and put them all together.

Moreover, even if the beets and carrots become dry, you can easily juice them in a centrifugal juicer by adding water.

With cold-press juicing,

  • You need to make sure the carrots and beets are fresh. If not, you at least must put them in a bowl of water for a few hours.
  • We highly recommend cutting the carrots in half length-ways. With beetroot, you should cut them into smaller pieces.
  • Do not cut the carrots to small pieces (especially in a horizontal way) and feed it to the juicer.
  • Do not overload the juicer with multiple pieces of carrots and beetroots.
  • You should wait for each piece to be pressed and extracted. Then, you can add the next piece.

Which Juicer Is Best For Citrus Fruits?

 Cold-press juicers are best for all fruits, especially for citrus fruits. You can get the complete intact juice. The only exception is that you have to de-seed them for a better taste. But the best option overall is to go for a Citrus hand Presser or a Citrus-Press.

Which Juicer Will Be Easy To Clean?

Almost all juicers today are designed to be cleared easily. Few juicers are designed to be dishwasher-safe too. Rinsing as soon as you finish juicing is an easy way to keep the juicer clean and durable for a long time.

What To Do When My Cold-Press Juicer Stops In The Middle Of Operating?

Check for the following reasons

  • If you have loaded with too many fruits or vegetables, the juicer may become overloaded or overheated. It will cause the motor to stop.
  • Wait till the juicer appliance has cooled down after juicing. After that, you can do the juicing again. In simple terms, juice it. Then, wait for ten minutes. And then, start using the juicer the second time.
  • You should clean the juicer thoroughly. Sometime, any residues or pulp or seeds could clog the juicer screw from moving. It causes the motor to stop due to pressure.
  • De-seed hard fruits and vegetables before adding them into the juicer. If not, the chances of them breaking the juicer screw are high. Don’t use large pieces for juicing. Always, break them into small pieces (but not so small enough).
  • Large pieces of green leafy vegetables will have the chance of getting stuck. Either cut them small or remove the leafy part alone.

Should I Peel The Fruits Before Juicing?

You don’t need to peel all the fruits.

  • Peel: Oranges, Kiwi Fruits, Bananas, Melons, Pomegranates
  • Don’t Have To Peel: Carrots, beetroots, apples, pears, lemons (peel the outer to a moderate level is enough), ginger (grate the outer skin alone if you like).

Can I Prepare Sugarcane Juice?

Yes. But it will take a lot of your time to finely remove the hard-outer skin. You must break them down to smaller portions. Again, you need to cut the sugarcane vertically into small pieces. That taste may not be that greater. To sugarcane, juice you should utilize the juicer especially made for the sugarcane.

How To Extract Nut-Milks Using Cold Press Juicers?

For instance, If you like to have almond milk, then:

  • Don’t use dry almonds and add water. it’s not the right way.
  • Take 100-200 grams of almond.
  • Soak them for 8-12 hours of time
  • In a cold-press juicer, add a handful of almonds first.
  • Then slowly add some water. Stop it after a quarter cup.
  • Let it start extracting.
  • Do not add the whole water before. You need to add step by step i.e. every time you put a handful of almonds add some water.
  • Don’t release the valve immediately. Let it be closed for a few minutes.
  • By adding water and almond from time to time, you can extract the almond milk easily
  • Finally, you can see the milk and pulp separated nicely.

Your fresh almond milk is ready.

Why My Cold-Press Juicer Is Not Turning ON?

Check if all the juicer parts are assembled properly in place. Cold-press juicer will not work if the parts are not assembled the right way.

How To Properly Clean Cold Press Juicer?

If you want to thoroughly clean your cold-press juicer:

  • After juicing, add a Tall glass of water into it while the motor is running.
  • It allows the juicer to flush out any remaining pulp and juice
  • Removable parts can be taken out and cleaned in running water.
  • Avoid cleaning with harsh cleaning agents.
  • Always keep the pulp container and juice container clean.
  • If there’s a cleaning brush provided, use them.
  • Take the strainer and clean them meticulously using any bristles. The strainer will have fiber lodged inside the tiny holes.
  • One last time cleanse the removable parts. And, if you want you can add a glass of water again and cleanse.
  • Finally, allow it to dry. Then, you can start using them.

If you want to clean the centrifugal juicer:

  • Strain the juice thoroughly.
  • And then, remove the pulp.
  • You can now clean the removable strainer, lid, and other parts.

How Many Fruits Do I Need To Make A Glass Of Juice Using The Cold-Press Method?

It depends upon your quantity and the glass size or the number of serves. On average, for instance, two to three oranges will make one glass of juice.

Consuming fruits juices as part of your diet plan or for the improvement of your health is actually good. Apart from giving you the good health, it also maximizes your beauty. Because having fruit juice is an easy way to add and replenish water content and nutrients in our body. We don’t have second thoughts in it. Having said them all, pick the juicer that go with your flow every day. We hope that, our list of top 10 best juicers available in the Indian market for you will gladly help you in narrowing the choices.


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