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Top 10 Best Hand Wash In India 2020 ( Liquid )- Unbiased Review

top 10 hand wash in india

With the world battling the COVID 19 Pandemic, and top medical minds looking for a cure, we can do two simple things to protect ourselves from COVID 19 Corona Virus.

The first thing we need is personal hygiene. In that, hands hygiene takes an important role just against the corona virus and other viruses. It is done through washing hands using the best hand wash. We have listed the top 10 best liquid hand wash available In India along with their brands.

But before we let you dive in the list, let’s know some basic things about hand washes.

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Is it True That Hand Wash Kills The Corona Virus? 

To answer this question to you, first we need to briefly explain about hand washes, and how hand wash protects us against from viruses and harmful bacteria. How hand wash liquid helps to fight against the corona virus?

The first line of defense against any harmful viruses and bacteria is your hand hygiene. It is the reason why, World Health Organization and other medical front runners are recommending good Hand washes to use.

The reason is, deadly viruses/bacteria including the novel Coronavirus enters the body easily and commonly through

  • Hands
  • Hands to Mouth
  • Hands to Ear
  • Hands to Eye
  • Hands to Face
  • Spread via Shaking Hands with Others
  • Highly spread when an Infected person touching any places/objects with their hands. Healthy people touching the same object with their hands and later taking their hands to their face/nose/eyes.

All you need to do is a Simple hand wash. It can save us and our family. The hand-cleaning and hand-hygiene acts as the first line of defense against the COVID 19 Virus.

The second line of defense is your immune system. In case the virus has entered your body, a strong immune system will break the virus and save you.

A bottle of good hand wash with you can build a strong line of defense against viruses and bacteria.

Still not convinced? Read here just after the list of best hand wash in India to know in detail.

How To Wash Your Hands With A Liquid Hand Wash? – Hand Wash Steps

It only takes a few simple steps.

 Duration to Wash Your Hands: 20-30 Seconds without fail

how to wash your hands

Source  : WHO

  • Wet your hands
  • Make 1-2 pumps of hand wash in your wet hands. Probably, 1 pump is enough.
  • Rub hands Palm to Palm.
  • Rub your right palm over your left dorsum with interlaced fingers.
  • Rub your left palm over your right dorsum with interlaced fingers.
  • Now, rub palm to palm with interlaced fingers.
  • Rub backs of fingers to opposing palms with interlocked fingers
  • Clean your thumbs in both hands
  • Rub rotationally forwards and backward inside the palms
  • Rinse off with water.
  • Dry your hands with a clean towel/Tissue
  • Close the tap with a Tissue and not with Bare Hands. Follow this especially when you are using public places to wash your hands.

With all being said, here we tell you which is the best hand wash in India based on the few factors listed below

How To Pick The Best Hand Wash From The “Top Brands”?

 Here we have reason for why we gave to pick it from the top brands. Since it’s the season of corona virus, many companies have emerged to produce the hand wash liquids and hand wash soaps in India. Not all these manufacturers provide a satisfying quality hand wash. Mostly they lack by providing the “must not addable ingredients”. What is “must not addable ingredients and why should you see them when buying a hand wash?” It is given at the bottom of article through infographic.

So, to avoid such brands and to give you more trustworthy information, we have prepared this list by analyzing the top established brands. Our health is more important than anything else in the world. You can’t go and play with your hand’s hygiene.

A good hand wash must have the following properties. So, look for them in any of the best hand wash brands.

 1. Dermal Tolerance / Skin Reaction

The dermal tolerances are dryness, itchiness, skin irritations, burning sensations. Dermal tolerance is important in a good hand wash.

The addition of high quality, toxin-free emollients, and moisturizing agents are important in a hand wash for good dermal tolerance.

The pH value for Liquid Soap (i.e. Hand wash Liquid) should be a Neutral Value of 7 to avoid skin irritation and difficulties.

Most Liquid Soaps (hand wash Liquids) fall under the pH value range of 9-10.

A pH-balanced liquid hand wash is available along with normal liquid hand washes.

 2. Good Hand Wash Must Be Cost Effective

A highly effective hand wash liquid should be available in a cost-effective manner. So the liquid hand wash price should not be so high. But there should be no compromise in the quality because the price is low. Hand hygiene is very important for everyone on earth. That is why, solutions offering good hand hygiene like soaps, hand wash liquids, and hand sanitizers should be available to everyone with no compromise in quality.

 3. Aesthetics

Hand wash Liquid’s Aesthetics include the texture, fragrance, medium-thick consistency, the build-ups left after washing, etc.

  • Hand wash with strong synthetic fragrance can cause respiratory difficulties and irritations.
  • Perfumed Hand washes should be avoided because they add synthetic fragrance compounds more instead of natural fragrance.

If you like to have a fresh after-feel, you go for a mildly scented Hand washes. You can identify them when you place the hand wash bottle near your nose. The strong fragrance will reveal quickly.

A good hand wash should have between medium-thick consistencies.

  • It should not be too thin to be washed away with a few drops of water.
  • It should not be too thick that needs more water to start lathering.

Medium-thick consistency Hand washes will not leave soapy build-up after washing.

4.Bottle Setup

The hand wash liquid should be obtained easily. The bottle setup should be easy to use by children and adults. The bottle should have a child-lock feature. Else, you can always keep them away from their reach.

Due to frequent use, the hand wash bottle is prone to too many touches my hands.

A bottle setup that involves ‘less-touch’ and ‘less-meddling with hands’ will be good and hygienic.  Most importantly, easy-to-carry and easy-to-use hand washes are preferred by people. 

 5. Practical Conditions

The conditions are like

  • How easily the hand wash is available?
  • Continuous supply in times of epidemics and pandemics. Good soaps/sanitizers/liquid soaps/hand wash liquids are important to fight germs and diseases entering the body.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Availability in all the areas and not just in medical outlets. People should be ensured of availability near them.
  • How convenient is the hand wash liquid to use?

These are some practical conditions that we could face.

 6. Drying Time

Time a hand wash liquid takes to dry is important. Longer duration affects your skin and can cause irritation or burning sensation.

7. Recommended By

Best hand washes in India or manufactured anywhere around the world will have recommendations from World Health Organizations, Medical Practitioners, Doctors, and from our own Indian Medical Association (IMA). Look for good certifications and recommendations in brands that offer hand wash liquids.

For A quick view of top 10 Hand Washes

How Hand Wash Different From The Hand Sanitizers?

If you use hand wash or soap to protect yourself from the germs and other illness causing viruses, you are good on the go. But what would you do while soap / hand wash is not available? At these times you can use hand sanitizer.

  • Hand Sanitizer can be your best second alternative to hand wash.
  • When using hand sanitizers, you don’t need a water or soap yet you can protect yourself from most of the germs and bacteria.Hand sanitizers can kill all viruses except the “norovirus” which causes a diarrhea and it can’t kill certain type of bacteria.
  • How to use hand sanitizers is explained in detail in our dedicated post about hand sanitizers. Check it out.
  • Choose the hand sanitizer that has an upward of 60% of alcohol content and according to FDA consumers should find a hand sanitizer that has 95% of ethanol or isopropanol too.

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The above 7 properties will help you get an overall idea about how to choose the best hand wash for you.

Now lets move on to the list…

Top 10 Best Hand Wash Liquids Available In India

 The order of top 10 list starts with a completely natural ingredient, so you will have even more understanding of choosing your hand washes.

best natural hand wash 1
Best hand wash in India 2
best hand wash brands
dettol hand wash in table
EcoSattva 3R™ Natural Hand Wash
Rustic Art™ Orange Neem Organic Hand Wash
Morpheme® Remedies Hand Wash
Dettol Original Liquid Hand Wash 
Lifebuoy Total 10 Active Naturol Shield

Best Natural Hand Wash

100% Organic Ingredients
Vegan Product, Paraben Free
Easily Available, Brand Trust

Easily Available, Brand Trust

 1EcoSattva 3R™ Natural Hand Wash

EcoSattva 3R is a premium quality natural hand wash with almost 100% natural and plant-derived ingredients. There are no toxic/harmful chemicals added in any way.

The EcoSattva 3R hand wash is completely free from all kinds of preservatives, parabens, petrochemicals, and surfactants. Besides, the hand wash uses traditional natural surfactants and natural thickening agents. It Is the best paraben free hand wash in India.

To top it all, the EcoSattva natural hand wash is completely biodegradable. And, it is safe on skin, and all kinds of soil, subsoil, and aquatic life.

EcoSattva 3R is an all-natural Hand wash safe for you, your family, and for those who are into green life.

best hand wash in india

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Why Did We Pick ?
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Made in India
  • Low Lather formulation
  • 100% Chemical free
  • Clear mentioning of ingredients for the user on the back label. No hidden ingredients.
  • Moringa (Moringa Oleifera) ingredient is the key. It’s scientifically proven to have strong antimicrobial properties.

What Bugs Us ?
  • The Availability.  (When its available, grab it!)
  • Its one of the best luxury hand washes

Due to its all-natural properties, the hand wash should be easily accessible and available to everyone and everywhere. But The product is not easily found everywhere.

The EcoSattva 3R hand wash liquid gives a hygienic and refreshed feel after wash.

With all-natural ingredients and low lathering formulation, you can use EcoSattva 3R hand wash for your kids too. In case, you prefer other strong hand wash liquids, use EcoSattva especially for Kids.

2 Rustic Art™ Orange Neem Organic Hand Wash

The brand Rustic Art™ Orange Neem, completely organic hand wash is a popular product among all the nature enthusiasts and green living people. It’s our turn to try it too.

Rustic Art Orange Neem hand wash is organic and water efficient. You require only less amount of water to rinse-off. This organic soap-based hand wash has no harmful/toxic ingredients.

The hand wash is soft on the skin and doesn’t cause any kind of skin irritation.

The hand wash is rich in natural and potent antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients and extracts like Neem, Karanja, and orange.

Rustic Art™ Organic Orange Neem liquid hand wash is best for kids too. This makes it a complete caretaker for your family against harmful microbes.

Best hand wash in India 2

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Why Did We Pick ?
  • Hand-made in India
  • Sustainable
  • Water Efficient
  • Organic
  • Full-Listed Key Ingredients
  • Certified Essential Oils
  • Certified IFRA Fragrance
  • 100% Organic Ingredients
  • Grade 1 Algae/Cynellers Powdered 600 Micron
  • 100% Natural Oils
  • 100% Plant-Derived ingredients, preservatives, and surfactants.

What Bugs Us ?
  • Little Pricey.

But it’s worth it due to all-natural and safe ingredients without harsh/toxic chemicals.

As a cherry on top, the brand offers a Rustic Art™ Orange Neem hand wash Concentrate. Add a scoop of hand wash concentrate, add water and shake it well. Your hand wash liquid is ready. For proper measurements, you can refer to the instructions given in the product’s label. You can pick any variant you need.

Try it!

3 Morpheme® Remedies Hand Wash

The Morpheme Remedies antibacterial and soap-free hand wash are made completely without any sulfates, parabens, dyes, and other harsh chemicals. So it’s yet another best paraben free hand wash in India.

The hand wash is a soap-free formulation with vegan-friendly and gentle natural ingredients. It brings a soft, rich, and creamy lather to wash away the microbes.

The hand wash doesn’t leave your hands too dry due to nourishing Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil.

The brand claims to opt for natural ingredients instead of chemicals whenever possible. Also, the hand wash has a high quantity of botanical extracts like Neem, rose, geranium, and other antifungal ingredients.

best liquid hand wash brands in india

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Why Did We Pick ?
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Safe Ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • No petrol or mineral oils
  • Parabens free
  • Natural and Pure Oils
  • Vegan

What Bugs Us ?
  • Inactives that have Phenoxyethanol, Triethylene glycol, Triethanolamine, propylene glycol.

Morpheme remedies Rose and Geranium hand wash is affordable and comes with an easy-to-use and easy-dispense bottle setup.

4 Dettol Original Liquid Hand Wash 

Dettol has been a formidable hygiene ingredient in our lives starting from maternity. It needs no introduction than the name ‘Dettol’ and its same old brown solution and its nostalgic smell.

Dettol original hand wash is been recommended by Indian Medical Association (IMA) to add more credit for it. The brand claims that the Dettol Liquid Hand Wash is effective in protecting us against 100 illness-causing germs.

best hand wash

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Why Did We Pick ?
  • Brand Trust.
  • Easy Availability.
  • Affordable Price range.
  • Cheap hand wash in the market
  • Easy Refill Packs and sizes.
  • High Anti-Bacterial Properties.
  • Brand claims, the hand wash kills 100 illness-causing germs and gives 10X better protection against germs and harmful bacteria.
  • pH balanced Liquid Hand wash.
  • Comes in different quantities for user convenience.

What Bugs Us ?
  • Ingredients like Tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), Ammonium Laureth Sulfate (ALS), Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Cocamide MEA, and Propylene Glycol.

Easy availability, affordable price, easy-to-use bottle setup, and brand trust makes Dettol Liquid Handwash one of the top 10 best liquid hand wash available in our Indian market today.

Dettol Liquid Hand wash also comes in different variants suitable for different skin types like:

  • Dettol Skincare pH Balanced
  • Dettol Sensitive pH Balanced
  • Dettol Aloe Liquid handwash
  • Dettol Re-energize pH-balanced
  • Dettol Cool pH Balanced

You can pick the handwash variants depending on your skin needs.

5Lifebuoy Total 10 Active Naturol Shield Hand Wash Liquid

Lifebuoy is one of the top hygiene brands in India that offers a variety of cleaning solutions for our households.

The Lifebuoy Total 10 is another best hand wash liquid that comes with an active Naturol shield. This special formula is proven to remove more than 90% germs in 10 second time gap. Lifebuoy hand washes are also known to offer effective hand washing in less time i.e. quicker hand washes.

As per lab test on indicator organism vs. soap bars without actives, the lifebuoy hand wash is proven to be more effective. The hand wash offers a highly efficient germ kill formula.

hand wash liquid manufacturers india

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Why Did We Pick ?
  • Brand trust
  • Easy availability
  • Affordability
  • Easy Refill Packs
  • Cheap hand wash in the market
  • Convenient quantity variants
  • Quicker hand washes due to effective germ-kill formulas.
  • Approved by Royal Society for Public Health, London
  • Menthol Natural Actives
  • Hand wash works well on saltwater too based on customer reviews.

What Bugs Us ?
  • Ingredients like SLS, Tetrasodium EDTA, and Polymer.
  • Harsh on Hands depending upon individuals. Usually, a good handwash should be gentle to all skin and hand types.

Affordability, easy availability, supportive customer reviews, brand trust has landed Lifebuoy Total 10 with Active Naturol Shield into the top 10 good hand wash liquids. For the same reason dettol has been a best selling hand wash in India too.

The brand offers another variant called  “Lifebuoy Nature Germ Protection” handwash. This handwash variant comes with natural extracts from plants and herbs like Chamomile, Lavender, Peppermint, Oat, Neem, and Green Tea, etc. another important feature is, and the handwash comes with Active Silver Formula that has silver oxide which is proven to have high levels of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

6 Dove Nourishing Hand Wash With Cucumber And Green Tea Scent

If you are looking for a soft, creamy, rich lathering and scented hand wash, go for Dove Nourishing hand wash with cucumber and green tea scent. It’s refreshing and feels pleasant after washing.

Dove is a well-known brand among Indian households. The tagline of a dove comes here too about ‘One quarter Moisturizing Cream”. The hand wash consists of enriching moisture that helps in replenishing the skin’s natural lipids. The hand wash has a skin-friendly pH balanced formulation.

best hand wash

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Why Did We Pick ?
  • Brand recognition
  • Easy availability
  • Wonderful fragrance
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Smooth refreshed feel after rinsing with water.

What Bugs Us ?
  • The brand claims that the hand wash nourishes up to 10 layers deep. It means the ingredients could have deep skin-penetrating ingredients which could be harmful unless they are derived from nature.
  • Ingredients like Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (causes skin-irritation), and synthetic fragrances.

Overall, for those who are looking for a pleasant ‘after-feel’ hand wash with good scent, go for this Dove ¼ Moisturizing Nourishing Hand Wash.

7 Godrej Protekt Masterblaster Germ Protection Liquid

We have to say, the Godrej Protekt Masterblaster Germ Protection hand wash bottle is quite the beauty scorer with attractive skyblue .

It made it to the top 10 best liquid hand wash in India for many good reasons like 100% recyclable pack and 100% re-usability.

This hand wash is formulated with the goodness of glycerin and essential oils which makes your kid’s hands safe. Another thing is, your kids won’t feel like a hospital setup. The hand wash liquid smells wonderfully green apple.

Masterbalster is not made with harsh chemicals and according to the Godjej “It made to be gentle as nature” . They are simply soap mixed with air and water. It’s a mild hand wash formulation for your kids.

best hand wash liquid in india

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Why Did We Pick ?
  • Easy Refilling facilities
  • Affordable price range
  • Easy availability
  • Mild foam Handwash formulated for kids and adults too
  • Green apple fragrances
  • Goodness of glycerin and essential oils
  • 98% naturally derived water-based formula
  • Milder formulation
  • 100% reusable pack

What Bugs Us ?
  • A certain percentage of chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate present in this kid’s formulated hand wash.

Also, check out,

Godrej Protekt Masterchef’s Hand Wash

Does ‘after-cooking’ and ‘after-vegetable cutting’ smell bothering you?

Do you feel your cleaning-hands in the kitchen need extra protection and a pleasant smell?

Then, go for the ‘Godrej Protekt Masterchef’s Handwash’ specially formulated for kitchen use after cutting and cooking. Use it and you will be free from smell, grease, germs and get refreshing clean hands. It’s a 98% water-based mild formula with natural; ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

Buy this Liquid Handwash for your kitchen!

8 Solimo Hand Wash Liquid Lavender

Solimo Liquid Hand Wash is from the e-retail giant, Amazon. It’s a gentle and mild cleanser. The hand wash bottle is handy to be carried easily wherever we go. The pumping facility makes it even easier to use.

top 10 hand wash in india

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Why Did We Pick ?
  • Solimo handwash liquid is free form Triclosan & Parabens.
  • So its paraben free hand wash
  • Handy and easy to carry.
  • pH balanced Formulation.
  • Fragrance
  • Affordable Price Range

What Bugs Us ?
  • Ingredients like SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic colors, Silver Sulfates.
  • Based on user experience, a certain percentage of people feel the fragrance to be overpowering.
  • Very small nozzle. It could be difficult for dispensing the liquid quickly.

The Solimo hand wash liquid comes with different variants like Neem & Aloe Extracts, and Sea Minerals other than the lavender. It claims to be gentle and mild, but it does have some harsh chemicals in them like SLS.

9 Santoor Fresh and Gentle Hand Wash

Santoor classic hand wash liquid comes with natural fresh lime peel and antioxidant Tulsi extract for you. The cleansing is effective as you only need a drop of hand wash liquid. Moisturizing ingredients add more softness and smoothness for the hands.

Santoor hand wash comes with Classic, Mild and Fresh Variants.

The classic variant has the goodness of sandalwood and Tulsi. The mild variant has lotus and Tulsi. The Fresh variant has lime and Tulsi.

hand wash liquid 9


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Why Did We Pick ?
  • Recognized brand.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Comes with buy 1 get 1 combo offers.

What Bugs Us ?
  • Ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfates.

If you are looking for an affordable and combo offered hand wash liquids, go for Santoor

10 Himalaya Pure Hands Deep Cleansing Hand Wash

Himalaya’s pure hand’s deep cleaning hand wash comes with odor-free, grease-free, and pH balanced formulation. It effectively kills germs with the goodness of Tulsi and Lime as they are naturally rich in detoxifying and cleansing properties.

The Himalaya deep cleaning hand wash is suitable for removing grease and tough odor too along with fighting germs.

 which is the best hand wash

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Why Did We Pick ?
  • Brand recognition.
  • Easy availability.
  • Easy affordability.
  • pH balanced formulation.
  • Free from Triclosan.
  • Refill convenience.
  • Antimicrobial properties.
  • Grease-Free and Odor-free formulations.
  • Acts tough on Grease and heavy stains.
  • Dermatologically tested


What Bugs Us ?
  • Harsh Chemicals like Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS), Propylene Glycol, CI synthetic colors.

We hope that the list of top 10 Best Hand Wash In India discussed here will be useful for you.

To make you the better judge, we have given reasons why we picked a hand wash liquid for our list. Plus, we have also analyzed what bothers us with the hand wash too.

How Hand Wash Works?

How Hand Wash Kill Germs & Other Harmful Virus and Bacteria?

 To understand how a hand wash works we will tell you an easy example.

In a jar of water, add few drops of oil. Will it dissolve? No. It stays right there.


Add a few pumps of soap-liquids or detergent in the jar which has oil drops in it.

Stir well.

What happens now?

The soap/detergent dissolves the oil in the water right?

This is the exact scientific logic behind Hand washes working against germs, viruses, and bacteria.

The structure of a virus is in two parts. The core part contains the virus genome and nucleic acid. The second or outer layer is made of Protein and fatty molecules. This Fatty layer makes the virus stick easily to your hands and skin and different places.

“Your Hand wash destroys the outer fatty layer thereby collapsing the entire virus structure.”

“And then, when rinsed with water, the shards of the harmless left-over virus get washed away to the drains.”

It’s cool, right?

best hand wash

The Hand washes with anti-bacterial and anti-germ properties act against these virus fatty layers. It rips them apart collapsing the entire virus structure and kills them.

Hand wash liquids will have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial components along with lathering agents. These combined molecules will have two basic properties to them.

  • One property is to work with water
  • One property is to be attracted to the fatty depositions.

The soap molecules will have

  • Hydrophilic End – Gets attached/bonds with Water.
  • Hydrophobic End – Gets attached with oil/fat layer and avoids Water.

When the hand wash molecules and anti-bacterial ingredients interact with the virus/bacteria:

  • When you start lathering your hand wash by adding water, the molecules start to work. The two properties will start to act.
  • The soapy lather with anti-bacterial ingredients attaches themselves with the virus’s fatty layers and pulls the virus structure apart.
  • The core of the virus will collapse leaving a harmless and ineffective virus.
  • Finally, when we rinse it off with water, everything goes to drains.

This is how any good hand wash or soap or hand sanitizer works to kill the harmful virus and bacteria.

So is that it? I just have to wash my hands with a good hand wash and the virus will be killed?


It takes time.

You need to wash your hands with a handwash liquid for a compulsory 20-30 Seconds. This time is needed for your handwash to react with the virus’s fatty layer and finally destroy them.

 Now we have come to the interesting and most important part.

Know Your Hand Wash Ingredients

We go shopping.

We pick the best handwash available.

We buy them. We use them. We dispose of them.

Have you ever taken efforts to look at the hand wash ingredients list?

If so, have you checked the ingredients of the hand wash liquid and wondered what they do?

We shall see them now.

Shockingly, most of the ingredients are indeed harmful to us.

The ingredients we have taken here to analyze are found in almost all top hand wash liquid brands in the Indian market. When you check the back-label you can find them

Ingredients In Your Hand Wash Liquid: What They Do And Why They Are added?

The ingredients present in the hand wash liquid is responsible for giving the antibacterial and antimicrobial action towards germs/bacteria and virus present.

But, even the best Hand washes from top brands have some harsh chemicals in them that could harm your skin. The chances of entering your body are also high due to the high penetrating effects of these harsh ingredients.

Here are the top ingredients present in your best hand wash liquid

best hand wash ingredients

Apart from these major ingredients, there are other harmful ingredients like COCObetaine, a Harmful Thickening, and Conditioning Agent. We can see Myristic Acid and Palmitic Acid in the label. They are fatty acids with cleansing, lathering, and emollients properties.

ingredients to avoid in best hand wash

What about herbal hand wash liquids? Are the ingredients all-natural?


The ones who claim to be natural also have a certain percentage of synthetic colorants, preservatives, and solvent ingredients which are chemicals.

Is Liquid Hand Washes Safe to Kids?  

Liquid hand washes are loaded with chemical (medium-harsh) and lathering agents to effectively destroy the germs, viruses, and bacterial infestation on the skin surfaces.

We cannot avoid the chemicals. We need strong chemicals and antibacterial/antimicrobial agents to break highly infectious and highly active viruses/bacteria.

Also, we tend to wash our hands for at least 5-10 times a day. The count can increase or decrease depending upon different individuals, nature of work, how often they go out and come back home, etc. So, depending upon the conditions the hand wash effects will stay on your hand for some time.

So, Yes.

The Liquid Hand washes can become harsh for kids below a certain age say below 5 Years.

That too, if you make your kids wash their hands too often, even the good bacteria can be driven away. Soft skin can get irritated and can cause dryness.

Also, strong fragrance/perfumed liquid hand washes will cause respiratory difficulties for certain kids.

Liquid Hand Wash Recommendation For Your Kids
  • Read the hand wash back-label thoroughly. Refer to the ingredients which we have shared with you and why they are used. If they have got the wrong one, avoid them.
  • Don’t pick by seeing the name “All Natural”. Even they have harsh chemicals to them. Read the label.
  • Look for the kid’s safety recommendations.
  • Consult with your family pediatrician/doctor to get the best hand wash reference.
  • Prefer mild/safe-for-kids essential-oil mixed hand washes for your kids.
  • Go for low-lather formulations for kids.
  • Look for botanical surfactants like Soap Nuts.
  • Look for natural thickening agents, food-grade preservatives, and natural mild fragrance in the liquid hand wash for your kids.
  • Avoid colorful, sweet-smelling, or fragrance hand wash liquids for kids. Little kids tend to put everything in their mouth that attracts them through color and smell.

Not necessarily liquid hand washes, you can use baby soaps for your kids which have good pH value, mild-chemicals, and non-irritants.

Remember to consider these suggestions when it comes to your kids:

  • Wash your kid’s hands with baby soaps instead of using harsh strong liquid hand washes like us.
  • Normal soap and water does the same fight against germs and bacteria like hand sanitizers/hand wash liquids.
  • Consult your family pediatrician for good hand wash recommendation for your kid.

Our Final Thoughts

Except few, all major hand washes in the Indian market are filled with common chemicals like Propylene glycols, SLS, ALS, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, surfactants, and other chemicals. Given this scenario, we are left with nothing better than a few percentages of reasonable less-chemical formulations.

Frequent Hand washes means, your hands and your skin are prone to more reaction with chemicals, surfactants and other synthetic ingredients. It can go normal or it can cause irritations and other difficulties. Be responsible in using your hand wash liquids.

From our perspective we tried to give the top 10 best hand wash In Indian market for you. To give a better understanding on what you should choose, read the active ingredients. What can be added and what can’t be added is listed there. When it comes to kids in the family, we suggest using milder version soaps for them. Stay Safe!

Have anything you want to know about hand washes? Feel Free to write us know what you think.

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