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Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans In India – 2020 Listing

best ceiling fans in India

Air is a basic need of humans. We need air not only to breathe but also to maintain body temperatures.  From over a century, ceiling fans are being the conventional, popular and cheapest way to increase the air circulation in surroundings. A ceiling fan typically alters room temperature by 7 degrees, making the air conditioning easier and cheaper. Up to 30% power can be saved by setting the thermostat of a ceiling fan, that is, controlling a fan’s speed according to the required temperature. It is the reason why we all need the best ceiling fans in India(and everywhere).

A ceiling fan is also a beautiful option for the interior design of your home, as they come in very charming looks. You can also go for Under light ceiling fans, which will not only cool your room but also give it a nice ambient lighting.

Use Ceiling Fan both In Summer & Winter!

How to use fans in winter? Don’t get confused. Ceiling fans as indented can be used to cool down the room temperature but it can also be used to increase the room temperature too. The below picture explains this.

flipkart 2

In summers ceiling fan pushes cool air upwards, which will cause hot air to move upwards; ultimately starting to cool down the whole room. To use a ceiling fan in summers, its rotation should be in counter clockwise direction.

In winters ceiling fan pulls cool air up, pushing hot air downwards, which increases room temperature. To use a ceiling fan in winters, its rotation should be in clockwise direction.


Ceiling Fan Typical Structure

Ceiling fan typically has a drop rod, a motor, blades, a voltage regulator(step switch or remote) and lights(incase of under light ceiling fans) and a remote control for the light and to control other operations.

And technical specifications of these parts will help you to choose the right fan for your needs.

Drop Rod

This is used to hang the ceiling fan with the ceiling. Whether the ceiling fan is too close to the ceiling or too high from the floor, it will move the less air. So to get good air circulation, drop rod’s length matters a lot.


The ceiling fan should be higher than 7 feet from floor and ceiling fan’s blades should be at least 2 feet from the ceiling and 1 feet from the side walls.

Following table provides specifications of drop rod lengths with respect to room heights

Ceiling Height (In feet) Drop rod length(In Inches)
13 48
12 36
11 24
10 18
9 12

Size And Number Of The Blades

The size of the blades plays an important role in air flow. Check out the following table

Area of room(in square feet) Blade Size(In inches)
Up to 400 52
Up to 225 44
Up to 144 42

 For greater than 400 square feet room, 2 medium sized fans should be used for proper air circulation.

The number of blades doesn’t affect fan’s performance. Although ceiling fans are available with 2,3,4,5 blades, three blade fans are popular in India. Choice of a number of blades depends on the interior of your room.


There are under light ceiling fans which can be used for ambient lighting. These lights can be controlled using a remote control.

How To Choose The Right Ceiling Fan

The Ceiling fan you purchase should give a maximum airflow and consume a less power supply. This is what we expect from any best ceiling fans.

All ceiling fan manufacturers provide some technical specifications of ceiling fans online. Compare these values to decide which fan to purchase.


Technically speaking, Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is used to measure the airflow which brings the temperatures down.

Good Airflow is 4000 to 5000 CFM
Better Airflow is 5000 to 6000 CFM
Best Airflow is greater than 6000 CFM

Energy Consumption

 As per the standards, a ceiling fan must consume as low power supply as possible. This is a very important parameter for a good ceiling fan. There are multiple ceiling fans available, which consume from 28 watts to 100 watts.

Energy Star Rating

You can save on your electricity bills based on the energy star rating. BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency) has assigned an energy star rating to fan manufacturers. More number of star means lesser energy consumption.

Please note that, if fan also has lights then energy consumption can go up to 190 watts per hour. In that case, CFL lights should be used to reduce power consumption.

We recommend you to go for a ceiling fan, with the highest airflow and highest energy star ratings.

Special Entry

If you live in a place like New Delhi where both the summers and winter are at its peak, you would require a ceiling fan that runs in the Forward and Reverses direction. Right now in India, the following fan is rated as the best one.

Orient Electric Subaris 1300mm Underlight Ceiling Fan (Antique Brass)

This is the absolute holy grail as a part of interior furnishing. Among the features of the subaris are the premium wooden finish blades made of strong aluminum alloy, a contemporary under light kit that is quite modish. The fan also stands out for a motor. The rotating direction of this fan can be reversed by the press of a button on your remote control. The reversible function would rotate the fan in a clockwise direction. Thus it makes you enjoy the warm air to beat the cold. The whole unit is electroplated to match up with modern standards.

The shanks are hand-molded and tote up the already premium looks and craftsmanship heights achieved by it. To put the long discussion short, this is what every homemaker dreams to have at their place so much. Fans are much more than just cooling machines these days. They are the visage of your rooms. Being the best ceiling fan, I personally recommend it to everyone who’s looking to ramp up his or her place with this piece of splendid craft.


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  • Hand molded shanks, Oakwood finish, and underlighting kit is some of the highlights for guys looking to use it as a furnishing item.
  • Reversible blade rotation function makes it awesome for both cold winters as well as hot summer days.
  • Considering the under lights, power consumption of 80 watts is not much at all.
  • The blade length is longer than usual. 1300mm sweep which implies longer strokes, larger area, and consequently better air delivery.
  • Double ball bearing for better, smoother operation and stability.


  • No real cons to talk about here, provided you’re willing to spend some extra bucks.

Top 10 Best Ceilings Fans In India

Rank Fan name Power Consumption(Watts) Airflow(CMM) Warranty(Years)
1 Gorilla Energy Saving BLDC White Ceiling Fan- 1200 mm Sweep 28 230 3
2 SUPERFAN Super A1 Ceiling Fan with Remote Control 35 220 5
3 Usha Technix 1200mm 5 Star Ceiling Fan without Regulator 43 220 2
4 Orient Energy Star 47-inch 48-Watt Energy Saver Ceiling Fan 48 210 2
4 Orient Summer Crown 47-inch 48-Watt Energy Saver Ceiling Fan 48 210 2
5 Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan 52 215 2
6 Crompton HS Plus 48 inch 53 Watt 53 218 2
7 Orient-Aeroquiet-1200-Ceiling-Fan 62 230 2
8 Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300mm Ceiling Fan 66 235 2
9 Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan 68 225 2
10 Orient Areta 48-inch 68-Watt Decorative Ceiling Fan 68 210 3

Let’s get started with the list

1.Gorilla Energy Saving BLDC White Ceiling Fan With Remote Control– 1200 mm Sweep

This fan is being dubbed as the most energy-efficient ceiling fan in India, and that’s very much understood: All it consumes is 28 watts of electricity, that too while running at full throttle. Its Brushless DC motor not only allows for very high torque and rotation speed but is highly energy efficient at the same time. This means you can save on your power bills, at least a couple of thousand per year. The fan comes with an IR remote control which lets you control all of its functions which include a smart sleep mode, timer mode, and speed control.  The body is all-alloy and tested for durability and resilience. The amount of airflow is also very decent, about 230 CMM, and highest if considered per watt in its segment. This usually translates to better cooling at an affordable price. To put a cherry on the top, the fan comes with a 3-year Gorilla India warranty.

best ceiling fans


  • High-performance, high-efficiency Brushless DC motor.
  • Highest airflow per watt of electricity consumed.
  • No heating issues.
  • No noise issues.
  • Smart remote control with speed and sleep mode toggles.
  • Robust and durable aluminum alloy body.
  • 3-years warranty.


  • Cheap plastic used on the remote control. 

2.SUPERFAN Super A1 Ceiling Fan with Remote Control (Capacity:35 Watts, Color: White)

 This very stylish fan by SUPERFAN assures great performance owing to its robust BLDC motor and aerodynamic blade design. It comes with a handy remote control which can toggle all the functions with good response. The power consumption is around 35 watts which mean that one kWh unit of electricity can effectively run the fan for about 28 hours at full tempo. That is comforting news if you are an Indian, right? Airflow is quite good as well (220 CMM) and would never let you down. The best thing is, of course, the 5-year warranty. Once you’ve have acquired it, you need not worry about any service charges for a long time. The company is going to take care of that very well, provided there is a service center in your city.

best ceiling fan



  • Excellent air delivery and low power consumption which is, of course, the reason you buy a fan for in the first place.
  • Relatively cheap for a nice looking machine.
  • 5-years unmatched-in-the-segment warranty.
  • High torque and thus high speeds of rotation.
  • Low power consumption of only 35 watts.
  • Remote control provided for all the functions.
  • Die cast aluminum blades.


  • Give out some kind of humming sound which can be really disturbing at times.
  • Mounting rod is smaller than others in this segment, which may reduce airflow by augmenting the distance between the floor and the fan.

3.USHA Technix 1200mm 5-Star Ceiling Fan without Regulator (Rich Brown)

The name USHA has been there in our homes from the very beginning. Especially when talking about fans and cooling technology, there have been very few brands that have managed to compete with it. This offering from USHA is a 5-Star rated ceiling fan that may just turn out to be your best friend this summer. Its energy efficient motor and design won’t let you down even if it is hell breaking down from the sky. The rpm (rotations per minute) of the large motor is more than 330 which helps deliver high amounts of air per minute – 220 CMM. It retails for about INR 1700 to 1800, which makes it the cheapest in this best ceiling fans list. Combine it with a two-year USHA India warranty and the deal is pretty much sealed for me.

best ceiling fans



  • Power efficient 43-watt motor rated 5-Star by the Energy Board.
  • High blade lift angle causes air delivery to each and every part of the room.
  • Glossy paint job with the superior finish.
  • Steel electro-lamination for longer life.
  • 2 years company warranty on the main unit.


  • No remote control provided.
  • Noise can really bug the ear sometimes.

4.Orient Energy Star 47-inch 48-Watt Energy Saver Ceiling Fan (Glossy Brown)

 Orient is another well-known brand in the common Indian household. They are particularly noted for their engineering and innovative technologies. Energy Star is their latest offering. It has been equipped with a BEE certified 5-Star standard DC motor that is not only highly energy efficient but a very good performer and air-delivered. It consumes about 48 watts of electricity per hour and can thus easily go for about 20 hours per kWh unit consumed. It provides a uniform airflow to all parts of your room and helps you chill out quickly after a stroll in those hot sunny days. There are other colors to choose from to match up with your interior if you so require.

best ceiling fans



  • Airflow is quite good and more importantly uniform throughout the room.
  • High-quality build materials used for both the main unit and the blades.
  • BEE certified 5-Star rating.
  • Wood finish available.
  • Highly appreciated by users. No humming reported at all. 


  • A remote control would have been nice.
  • A regulator needs to be purchased separately.

4.Orient Summer Crown 47-inch 48-watt Energy Saver Ceiling Fan (Natural Pearl)

This one from Orient is slightly more stylish than the above mentioned. It has also been certified by BEE as a 5-star rated product and thus is an equally power efficient choice. You can expect high air thrusts even if it’s operating at very low voltages. The body is wholly aluminum and powder coated for a great finish. Airflow of around 210 CMM makes sure that there is no deficit of moving air within your room. Pearl tone can complement very well the white or cream-colored interiors more. Service by Orient is quick and reliable if something comes up anytime in two years.

best celing fans in india


  • This best ceiling fan comes in Charming colors to choose from.
  • Minimalist design yet stylish in its own right.
  • Powerful motor that delivers optimal performance to make you feel cool all the time.
  • Great uniform air delivery. 


  • A tad noisy.
  • Not very easy to clean up.

5.Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

Havells has become a brand with unmatched aura in all of the home appliances market. Their fans follow the same trend. They are classy, support a great design, and are made to go long hours on a single stretch, something typical of Indian markets. The ES-50 would use a maximum of 52 watts of electricity at full pace as it houses one of the most energy efficient motors in the industry. This has helped it gain a 5-Star rating from BEE. The rpm clocked by the motor is also quite high at 350, which translates to higher air thrusts, not only in the center of the room but towards the corners as well. The model is available at most online stores for less than 2K. So, if you’re looking to get this best ceiling fan, don’t second-guess and go for it straight away.

best ceiling fans in india


  • High service value of 4.2cmm/watt makes it the first choice for consumption-wary folks.
  • The quantities of airflow, as well as its uniform air spread, are really nice.
  • Not expensive at all.
  • 2-years warranty is bundled.


  • Poor over-surge protection can be disastrous to the fan at high voltages.
  • No speed regulator provided within the package.
  • Can do better with the looks. 

6.Crompton Greaves HS Plus 48-inch 53-watt Ceiling Fan

 This fan by CG is an absolute value for money. Blades have been designed for superior air delivery and greater reliability so that you never feel low about it. High airflow of 218 CMM would ensure that you get your breeze wherever you’re in the room. Besides, the power consumption is not too high either. It’s only about 53 watts. The design is blissful and soothing to the eye. About the color, even though you have plenty to choose from. There is a black one that’s absolutely elegant and would look stunning on slightly dark ceiling tints. Other colors include glossy brown and my favorite ivory white.

best celing fans


  • Smooth operation.
  • The motor doesn’t seem to heat up even after long hours of operation.
  • No noise issues have been reported.
  • Real value for money kind of deal.
  • Will save you a little bit on your bills, if you happen to replace your old power hungry fans.


  • Very thin blades. 

7.Orient AeroQuiet 1200 Ceiling Fan

Orient Aeroquiet is the latest innovation from the house of Orient. Its unique design and highly aerodynamic body and wings secure maximum air throw to your room. Apart from performance, the design also helps in making this fan an absolute charm to look at. Its curvaceous silhouette and premium finish add to its appeal and charisma. The skeleton is completely free from rust and created using high-grade glass filled compounded ABS, a material that is strong as much as beautiful. The 18-pole heavy motor with its double ball bearing is en suite this beast for really smooth and blissful operation. If it wasn’t for the price, it would easily fill the number one spot in this best ceiling fans in India list. So if cash isn’t among your concerns, this is the machine you can blindly opt for.

best ceiling fan


  • Silent yet powerful. A good looking beast to be precise.
  • Rust free blades and the main unit.
  • High strength compounded ABS body.
  • High performing 18-pole sturdy motor.
  • Very stylish monobody-type design.
  • High air delivery of 230 CMM with no great power consumption.


  • Expensive stuff and high power when compared to the 28 watts.
  • Power consumption is slightly higher than the others, about 66 watts, mainly due to its higher mass. The fan is meant to complement your interior and that it does very well by its antique looks and glossy metal finish.

8.Bajaj Cruzair Decor 1300mm Ceiling Fan (Antique Copper)

Bajaj is a major Indian electrical brand renowned for providing quality and high performing products at affordable prices to Indian middle class. This reputation is done no harm by the launch of this all-new Bajaj Cruzair Decor series fan in misty Antique Copper texture. The quantity of air delivered by this best ceiling fan is around 235 CMM at a maximum rpm of 320. Something that sets it apart from the rest in this series is the configuration of its blades. They are wider, have a greater tilt and of course a larger sweep area because of them being longer. Power consumption is slightly higher than the others, about 66 watts, mainly due to its higher mass. The fan is meant to complement your interior and that it does very well by its antique looks and glossy metal finish.best ceiling fans



  • Great as a piece of interior decor.
  • Large blade sweep area causes greater air throw.
  • High angle folded blades are good at disturbing stagnant air and generating breeze all over your room.


  • Relatively less power was efficient than other similar fans.
  • Some buyers may find it a little posh.

9.Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Gold Mist and Copper)

Havells Nicola 1200mm is a wonderful performer, bragging good looks at the same time. Its aesthetic design really catches the eye of every person entering the room. Havells is a major electronics player in Indian markets and hence very trustworthy when it comes to quality and reliability. Its contemporary design along with its decorative trims and shiny aluminum blades make up for a great sight and actually add up to the value of your interior. On the performance front, this machine doesn’t lag behind its rivals either. Its first-rate 68 W motor can travel at an rpm of 330 and result in greater air delivery. The strong aluminum blades and die-cast cover take care of the durability and longevity. However, if anything else comes up, there is a Havells India service available to you anytime in the first two years.

best ceiling fans in india


  • Contemporary style and looks.
  • Powerful 68-watt motor for enhanced performance.
  • Metallic finish.
  • Strong and robust build materials used that specifically improve longevity.
  • Can operate even at very low voltages.


  • No great savings on electric bills.
  • Creaking sound audible.

10.Orient Areta 48-inch 68-Watt Decorative Ceiling Fan (Matt Black and Pearl)

Areta is different in its unique and unconventional design than most other fans in its price range. The fascinating design together with its charming colors is no less than a treat to the eyes. The blades are curvier, wider than usual, and because of lightweight material use up less of your electric units. The 320 rpm motor creates and air throw that you would want to appreciate, and besides it is not that power thirsty either, just 68 watts to be accurate. All the color combinations and textures provided add some good appeal to your place, though the one with matt black blades and pearly center unit stands out for us personally.

best ceiling fans


  • 3 years Orient India warranty.
  • Elegant flat design.
  • A good choice that blends itself with any living room.
  • Available in a lot of charming color mixtures.
  • Three layer canopies.
  • Not expensive at all for such a chic design.


  • A longer drop rod would have been better.
  • May not be feasible for rooms larger than 200 ft

So what you think about our top 10 best ceiling fans in India list? Out of all the item listed here, which one you have used so far and what you think about it? Write back to us through the comment section. We love to hear back from you!.



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